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Sales Flat for Consumer Flat-Panel HDTVs in May

Overall revenues grew on the strength of shift to 1080p LCD models.

Menlo Park, CA–Pacific Media Associates, a global market information research firm, reports that unit sales for consumer flat-panel televisions in North America increased just one percent over April 2007 sales. Their Consumer Flat Panel Display Sell-Through Tracking Service report also shows that revenues were up nearly four percent, even though prices for individual models were generally down for the month.

Revenues increased for the month because there was a distinct shift in what consumers bought in May, said Rosemary Abowd, vice president of Pacific Media Associates. The price of 45- to 49-inch 1080p LCD models fell five percent in May, which helped boost the segment to third place behind the 30- to 34-inch WXGA LCD and 50- to 54-inch WXGA plasma segments.

Across all sizes, one out of every three flat-panel televisions sold in May was a 1080p model. Since these models cost more than lower resolution models, revenues grew faster than unit sales in May, according to Abowd.

Sony reaped the benefits of the demand for 1080p LCD HDTVs, capturing 22 percent of the unit market share and 28.1 percent of the revenue market share, claiming first place in both categories. Samsung was second in unit market share with 16.7 percent. Pioneer took second place in revenue market share with 23.1 percent, largely on the continued strength of its Elite PRO-1140HD which was the top-selling model again in May. The average street price for this model fell seven percent in May, reaching $2,800 which is 40 percent lower than it was two months ago.