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Savant’s Desktop iPod Docking Station

Savant Systems LLC will show its Desktop iPod and iPhone docking station at CEDIA 2009. The ROSIE Desktop Docking Station allows a compatible iPod or iPhone to interface with a Savant multi-room AV system.

The ROSIE Desktop Docking Station is designed to enable homeowners to enjoy music and videos stored on their iPod throughout the home while providing two-way operation of the iPod from its entire line of ROSIE user interfaces, including touch panels, keypads, Touch TV, ROSIE Surface and On-Screen Displays in either a remote zone or via a web-enabled device. ROSIE web-enabled mobile devices that provide this functionality include the iPhone and iPod touch.

“Savant’s new ROSIE Desktop Docking Station turns any compatible iPod or iPhone into a dynamic entertainment source that integrates the device’s music and video playback capabilities with the distribution and control functionality of a Savant multi-room AV system,” Savant’s president, Jim Carroll, said.

The ROSIE is connected to a ROSIE controller via CAT5 cable. The two-way functionality enables the iPod to send operational information to any ROSIE user interface throughout the home. All menu information from the iPod is displayed on the ROSIE user interfaces, and the iPod music playback functions such as start, stop, and track control are also accessible via the interfaces.

In addition, the ROSIE provides a direct audio and video connection from the iPod to the whole-house AV system. The iPod is also powered and charged while docked. The docking station’s compact size allows it to be placed in a convenient location within a home entertainment system, providing users with ready access when they wish to use their iPod on the go.

The ROSIE Desktop Docking Station can be used with all the current compatible iPod models featuring a docking connector, such as the iPod nano, 2G nano, 3G nano, iPod classic, iPhone and iPod touch.