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Torus Power’s Newest Models

Torus Power recently announced new models and enhanced versions of existing models. All models still maintain the company’s commitment to isolate audio/video systems from AC power line realities while providing protection and quality performance.

The company is now producing 17-inch non rack-mountable versions of all Torus Power models up to 20-amps with new cosmetics in both silver and black faceplates for the consumer market.

Additionally, the popular RM-15 will be reduced to a 2u rack size and with a lower MSRP of $2,000. A complete range of rack-mountable “Pro” models remains in the Torus lineup.

Torus Power also has indicated that its AVR Series (Automatic Voltage Regulation) will be available with the new consumer cosmetic treatment in 120 volt units up to the 20 amp version (RM-15, RM-20, RM-20 BAL). International AVR models (230/240 volt) will be available in 4 amp, 8 amp, and 16 amp configurations. The AVR line provides all the advantages of the original Torus Power designs, such as ultra-clean AC power, complete isolation from the outside power grid, and series-mode surge suppression, plus the added benefit of stabilized voltage to connected equipment.

“We identified a market need for non-industrial looking consumer models up to 20-amps in size, both in the standard Torus Power series and the AVR series of products,” Torus Power sales VP, James Tanner, said. “We now have attractive packaging available that looks quite at home in any AV system, while offering a substantial increase in performance and protection from unwanted surges.”

The new Torus Power consumer models range in MSRP from the 2.5A version at $995 to $3000 for the 20A model. The Torus Power AVR series with the new cosmetic treatment run $3000 for the 15A version and $4000 for the 20A models, balanced or unbalanced. All Torus Power products are backed by a 5-year limited warranty.s