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Wadia’s 151 PowerDAC mini

Wadia’s new 151 PowerDAC mini is designed as a new, more affordable decoding product, based on the original Reference PowerDAC.

“The musical performance is immediate, precise, and pure,” Wadia Digital’s president, John W. Schaffer, said. “No other digital to analog conversion product offers this level of decoding accuracy combined with amplification in a single, simple to use, modestly priced product. The 151 PowerDAC mini has realized the goal of a direct connection between your music and your speakers.”

The 151 PowerDAC mini measures 2x8x8 inches (H/W/D). Wadia incorporates two SPDIF digital coax inputs, one Toslink input, and one USB input for connection with most computers and digital sources. Rated at 50 watts (four ohms), it has the power to drive many currently available speakers. It also features an LED Backlit Display, volume control, mute, phase and input buttons on its face, and an IR remote control.

“For over 20 years, Wadia Digital has been analyzing and researching every feasible way to improve digital conversion, with the goal of providing the best possible musical and emotional experience from digital audio source material,” Schaffer added. “The significant legacy of patents and innovation is among the most important and proud aspects of Wadia history.”