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ZeeVee’s ZvBox 150 Retrofit Solution for HD Video Distribution

ZeeVee’s new ZvBox 150 is essentially an HDTV broadcast station in a compact box, and ZeeVee will be showing it at CEDIA for the first time.

The ZvBox 150 is designed to turn an incoming HD source into an HD cable TV channel, and broadcasts it over coax cabling to all connected HDTVs. To see the HD source, just tune it in- no set top boxes required.

The ZvBox 150 has component inputs for HD sources like Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and DVRs, a VGA input for computer video, and can broadcast on any of 135 cable TV channels.

It’s designed for use by residential integrators, who can use it to share HD sources among all HDTVs in a home over existing coaxial cabling. It’s also idea for digital signage and private cable networks in light commercial applications.

The ZvBox 150 has an MSRP of $999, and will be sold through authorized distributors only, including Capitol Sales, who ZeeVee recently added as a distributor serving the Residential Integrator market.