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ZeeVee’s ZvPro 250 HD Encoder/RF Modulator

ZeeVee’s ZvPro 250 HD encoder/RF modulator is designed to turn the output of any HD source into an HD cable TV channel, and broadcast it over standard coax wiring to all connected HDTVs.

An optimal retrofit solution for HD video distribution, ZvPro 250 now sports higher performance and easier setup due to a new firmware release.

Changes include:
480i/p and 720p upgrade – video performance has been optimized for use with 480i, 480p and 720p sources like standard definition cameras, DVD players, DVR’s, set-top boxes etc.

1080 compatibility — ZvPro 250 is now compatible with 1080 video inputs in both “I” and “p” formats.

Improved management — configuring ZvPro 250 is simplified, even when working with multiple ZvPro’s in commercial applications.

Test Images — ZvPro now generates test images, to allow calibration of HDTVs for uniform performance when using multiple displays.

Better Audio-Video Control — user-adjustable frame rate, bit rate, and audio delay optimize AV performance in any system.

Every ZvPro 250 can be upgraded to the new firmware at no charge by downloading a new version of ZvCli from