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CES Unveiled Reveals Tech & Buying Trends

Annual kickoff in NYC to CES season reveals what attendees will be looking for in Las Vegas.

CES Unveiled - Peak - View of NYC
The view from Peak.

It seems fitting that this week’s CES Unveiled was held at Peak, which is a meeting space located 101 floors above NYC’s Hudson Yards and presents a spectacular, sweeping view of the city and even the towns that lie outside its borders. The CTA’s presentation also provided a far-reaching view — of the expectations of CES 2023 and the technology trends that will be shaping the industry for the year to come.

In his opening speech, Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which produces CES, said that the theme for this year’s show is “Innovation,” with a focus on how the world’s biggest challenges are being answered by technology, including producing a cleaner environment, helping to feed the hungry, and advances in healthcare.

In terms of what the CTA team is expecting in terms of exhibitors and attendees on-site at the event, taking place January 5–8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Kinsey Fabrizio, senior vice president, membership and sales at CTA, said that CES 2023 is 50 percent bigger than last year, with an expectation of over 2000 exhibitors. John Kelly, vice president, CES and acting show director at CTA, added that the goal is to bring 100,000 attendees in, with one-third coming from outside the U.S.

Holiday Trends

With Black Friday just days away, CTA director of research Lesley Rohrbaugh shared some data about predicted consumer buying habits for the holiday season, including that 199 million consumers plan on purchasing tech this season, with an average tech spend of $560. Other trends revealed include the growth of content-related products as gifts, large gains in smart home gifting intent, and the continued popularity of giving smartphones.

CES Unveiled Trends - Holiday Spending

Tech purchases also look to be a major driver of sales during Thanksgiving week, with 86 percent of shoppers planning to spend on electronics.

CES Unveiled Trends - Thanksgiving Week

2023 Tech Trends

Rohrbaugh also covered the trends expected to be found on the CES 2023 show floor and beyond, with tech that boosts productivity — including CI staples such as cloud, AI, sensors, and software & apps — taking the spotlight.

CES Unveiled Trends - CES 2023 Trends

She also revealed that on-demand lifestyles will result in the continued fragmentation of the video market, as well as an uptick in the number of services the average consumer subscribes to, including cloud gaming, fitness and health, and home security.

CES Unveiled Trends - On-Demand Lifestyles

Health and wellness will continue to be in the spotlight, but not just in lighting and air quality. The CTA predicts digital therapeutics, telehealth, and fitness tech will drive the market forward in 2023.

CES Unveiled Trends - Health Trends

In terms of emerging tech, the CTA looks to see gains in FinTech, smart communities, and food tech, including robots in the kitchen. It may take time for these technologies to change the home, but they all have the potential to make their mark, including work-from-home experiences and how vehicles can interact with the house.

CES Unveiled Trends - Emerging Tech

Driving Tech

In a Q&A session with the CTA team at the end of the event, it was revealed that there will be 300 automobile exhibitors at CES 2023, making it one of the largest auto shows in the world. There will also be 200 virtual sessions available for some time after the show, as well as 50 livestreams that take place during the event — including all the keynotes.

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