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Trends to Watch Kicks Off CES 2023

Here are the six key technology themes that the association sees having a big influence in 2023.

It has become a tradition that tech journalists look forward to each year — the “Trends to Watch” presentation that not only provides valuable insights from CTA research as to what will happen in the consumer electronics space but also is the first official session of CES.

Steve Koenig, VP Research for CTA
Steve Koenig, VP Research for CTA. Photo by John Staley

The presentation, delivered by Steve Koenig, VP Research for CTA, hit upon the six key technology themes that the association sees having a big influence in 2023 — and that are, unsurprisingly, well represented on the CES 2023 exhibit floor. The key trends are Enterprise Tech Innovation, Metaverse/Web 3.0, Transportation/Mobility, Health Technology, Sustainability, and Gaming and Services.

  • Enterprise Tech Innovation: Keonig began this part of the presentation by documenting the global challenges facing the industry — supply chain issues that have improved but still remain vulnerable, the softening of the demand for semiconductors, the labor shortage, and stubborn inflation problems. But, he pointed out, that tough times lead to great innovations, and already we are seeing improvements on the enterprise side led by 5G adoption for several uses, including automation, autonomous vehicles, and Metaverse
  • Metaverse/Web 3.0: Speaking of Metaverse, Koenig said to see legit substance forming around the trend of Metaverse in both tech innovation and in business strategy. As examples, he offered Virtualization by TouchCast (part of the Microsoft Pavilion in West Hall 6017), which is showing a 3D interactive retail experience with a live person, and OVR Technology (Venetian #51365) which is presenting an immersive olfactory experience with digital scent technology.
  • Transportation/Mobility: Koenig listed three key tech themes for transportation at CES 2023: [1] more EVs and the development of the electrification ecosystem, including battery design and charging systems; [2] advancements in autonomous vehicles beyond passenger vehicles to self-driving trucks; and [3] transformation of the in-vehicle experience.
  • Health Technology: Look for an increase in home health hubs — including more sensors, wearables, and tools — as well as a leveling up in telehealth. Other health-related topics to watch are advanced therapeutics and pain management, as well as fitness as part of the hub.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability is omnipresent at CES 2023, with many concepts falling under the umbrella, including clean air and ag tech. Koenig provided a look at the farm of the future with sensors in the soil, autonomous systems in the field, and Offsite analytics for the farmer to optimize food production.
  • Gaming and Services: For this section, Koenig revealed some of the research from the CTA’s recent “Future of Gaming Study,” which said there are 164 million gamers in the U.S. market — nearly 3/4 of the general population between 13 and 64. In 2019, the average gamer played 16 hours per week and today it is 24 hours on average per week. Koenig also noted that consumers leaned into services during the pandemic and show no signs of letting them go — 31 percent of tech revenue goes to services.

Look for examples of all these tech trends in the exhibits and sessions at CES 2023.