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How Sony Helps its Dealers Grow

Sony’s turnkey co-branded marketing program works to promote its Diamond Dealers.

Cindy Davis, contributing editor for Residential Systems, recently sat down with Jeff Goldstein, head of sales for Sony’s Consumer Integrated Systems (CIS) division, and Ron Callis, CEO of One Firefly, to discuss how Sony’s turnkey co-branded marketing program works to help its Diamond Dealers keep their business going and expand the pipeline of new jobs.

Hear testimonials directly from several Sony Diamond Dealers already benefiting from the program. Mark Hoffenberg, CEO of Audiovisions, said, “Sony has been an amazing vendor partner with AV for more than 30 years. We’ve benefitting from this Sony special relationship ever since. They are continuously testing ways that they can add value. Jeff really understands our market and he really cares about the channel. He is innovative in his thinking. This Sony co-marketing campaign is just a prime example of that. We really appreciate any manufacturer that understands that helping us fund our growth is good for the whole channel.”

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Christian Lawrence, CEO of Audio Video Excellence said, “It really makes a positive impact on us as dealers. We already support Sony, but now they’re supporting us. It makes us feel that we’re so happy we chose this partner. We already know it’s the best TV out there, but it’s great to have someone interested in being involved our channel.”

“If our dealers grow and thrive, we grow and thrive,” Goldstein said. “That’s what it’s really the root of all it.”

Watch the video to learn how easy it is to become involved and onboarded with the Sony co-branded marketing program and hear from more CI dealers.