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Azione Unlimited Summit in San Antonio Nears

Azione Unlimited (AU) is readying its 11th semiannual conference, titled “Sagacious Summit in San Antonio,” being held March 13-15 in San Antonio, TX.

Azione Unlimited (AU) is readying its 11th semiannual conference, titled “Sagacious Summit in San Antonio,” being held March 13-15 in San Antonio, TX. Held at the Westin Riverwalk Hotel, the conference offers three full days of programming, with guest speakers, panel sessions, and dedicated one-on-one and small group time for Azione members to connect with vendor member partners, including Azione board members. 

The Azione Unlimited Spring Conference aims to give dealers numerous opportunities to learn about much more than technology, gaining acuity that will benefit their companies in today’s ever-changing business climate. “Our intimate and insightful conferences not only provide Azione Unlimited members and partners opportunities to learn from their peers and industry experts, they help dealers and vendors to be wiser—more sagacious—in doing business together,” said Azione Unlimited president Richard Glikes.

Now in its fifth year, Azione Unlimited remains focused on education, communication, and the exchange of ideas, while establishing an atmosphere that fosters friendships and strong business relationships, and the spring conference exemplifies these ideals. 

With an emphasis on the timely topics that affect today’s integrators and manufacturers, the event will provide opportunities for dealers and vendors to work together to gain actionable insights, formulate best practices, and forge or strengthen relationships that last long after the conference ends. 

Keynote speaker Tim Costello, chairman of the board, president, and CEO of New Home Technologies, LLC, BDX ( Builder Exchange), and Builder Homesite, Inc. will share his predictions on homebuilding trends and smart home technology. Costello will provide business insights and acute marketing perceptions that could change the way home technology professionals think about the future of their business. 

Guest speaker Brad Whitehead, principal of VX Strategy, a management consulting firm specializing in organizational development, strategic planning, and tactical execution for small- and medium-sized, growth-oriented businesses, will host two small group meetings that explore how to take an integration firm to the next level: “Survival to Success: Developing your business to $3M and beyond,” and “Sustainable Take-Off: Managing accelerated growth and the challenges that come with it.”

Brad Stanek, senior vice president at JP Morgan, will present classes on human resources, finances, and retirement, offering financial insight business owners need. 

Members will also participate in open discussions, one-on-one meetings with Azione vendor partners, and small group meeting sessions. In these sessions, dealers brainstorm business and marketing tactics, share tips and ideas, and see how working together creates a stronger industry, opening the doors to greater profitability for Azione members, individually and as a whole. 

“Our members describe Azione Unlimited conferences as high-energy, fast-paced, interactive events that nurture a sense of belonging within the CEDIA community through impactful and insightful programming,” Glikes said. “Each conference, so far, has surpassed the last in terms of substantive content, valuable information, and practical ideas Azione members and partners can implement right away. But we also make time for fun!

Touting the after-hours camaraderie that will occur at the scenic Riverwalk location, Glikes noted that Azione has bought out two restaurants, Biga on the Banks and Acenar, for attendees to continue networking, idea sharing, and relationship building after the scheduled events have concluded.