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CEDIA Expo 2023: Trinnov Audio Teams Up to Demonstrate WaveForming

Trinnov Audio, Ascendo Immersive Audio, Barco, Kaleidescape, MadVR Laps, Seymour-Screen Excellence, and Officina Acustica have joined forces to deliver what is sure to be one of the must-see demos at CEDIA Expo.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and apparently the same is true when it comes to putting on a world-class home theater demonstration. This year, some of the top manufacturers in their class — including Trinnov Audio, Ascendo Immersive Audio, Barco, Kaleidescape, MadVR Labs, Seymour-Screen Excellence, and Officina Acustica — have joined forces to deliver what is sure to be one of the must-see, truly reference demonstrations at CEDIA 2023 with its 18-seat “more than one million dollar” theater!

Trinnov Demo - CEDIA Expo 2023

For Trinnov, who is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, this will be the first U.S. demonstration of its new WaveForming technology, which is designed to eliminate the effect of room modes on bass reproduction and completely eliminate standing waves in a room. Trinnov has spent more than six years working on WaveForming, and it uses new algorithms to produce unprecedented impact, clarity, and detail in bass performance.

WaveForming requires using multiple subwoofers on both the front and back walls of the room and is a case where “more is better,” as the higher number of subs used generally delivers better performance, allowing for near identical seat-to-seat performance. Trinnov’s CEO and co-founder, Arnaud Laborie, commented, “Our new technology can elevate the performance of home cinemas to a previously unobtainable level.”

To that end, the demo theater incorporates 24 21-inch Ascendo subwoofers to enable demonstrations of WaveForming’s performance using differing subwoofer configurations, including a three front and two rear configuration, a 12 x 2 configuration, and then concluding with a full 12 x 12 double bass array which will allow users to experience Ascendo’s true infrasonic capabilities with performance down to 5Hz!

Laborie stated that the group of companies are “trying to show the best experience we can deliver today and project a vision for what is possible for high-performance home cinema.”

I won’t spoil the demo content, however, one of the most impressive testaments to WaveForming was a bass sweep played with and without the system engaged, letting you hear exactly how much smoother the bass response was across its entire frequency.

Processing for the 13.26.6 channel system is handled by Trinnov Audio’s Altitude32 and Altitude48EXT, which expands the system’s capability to 48 channels, along with power delivered to the bed and height channels by two Trinnov Amplittude16 power amplifiers. All speakers are provided by Ascendo, including 120kW of Ascendo DSP/Amplification for the subwoofers. Video is courtesy a 9000-lumen, 3-chip DLP Barco Njord CS laser projector with 5K resolution, with processing and dynamic HDR tone mapping handled by MadVR Labs’ new Envy Extreme MK2 processor, firing onto a 189.3-inch-wide Cinemascope Seymour-Screen Excellence Enlightor-Neo acoustically transparent screen. The 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos content is delivered by a Kaleidescape Terra movie server and Strato-C player, and the theater itself and room treatments were designed and handcrafted in Italy by Officina Acustica, then built at the show in three days!

This is a demo you won’t want to miss, so stop by booth #4233 to experience it for yourself!