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Digital Projection Expands Radiance Series With New Micro LED Display

Digital Projection has added a new 0.9 pixel pitch high-res MicroLED display, as well as a 1.2mm option to its Radiance eV Series.

Digital Projection’s Radiance EV Series 0.9 pixel pitch high-res MicroLED display

Expanding its Radiance EV Series, Digital Projection has added the new 0.9 pixel pitch high-res MicroLED display, as well as a 1.2mm option. The high resolution of the 0.9mm pixel pitch MicroLED makes it ideal for environments with short viewing distances and critical viewing requirements, such as small- and medium-size boardrooms and command and control facilities. CEDIA Expo 2023 attendees can see the new MicroLED additions to Digital Projection’s Radiance EV Series, as well as innovative projection systems, at Booth 2543.

Other features contributing to the new MicroLED’s remarkable imaging performance include peak brightness up to 1,200 nits, which provides excellent support for HDR10 content, and contrast up to 20,000:1. The smaller 0.9 mm pixel package allows for a darker area surrounding each pixel, which results in better black levels and contrast. The smaller pixel package also enables a wider viewing angle (170 degrees horizontal/170 degrees vertical). Finally, there’s cost: the 0.9 mm MicroLED solution is more efficient to manufacture than SMD technology, bringing the price down for this category. Power consumption is also significantly less, resulting in longer term energy savings over the product lifespan. Additionally, the 0.9 MicroLED offers a wide, 100% NTSC and DCI-P3 color gamut.

The 0.9mm offering hits the 4K imaging sweet spot at a 163-inch diagonal size. The EV Series extends up to a 2.5mm pitch, offering integrators options for other types of viewing requirements.

The MicroLED’s lightweight cabinet, which can be ordered with beveled edges, enables easy deployment and installation, and certain models in the DP line support 120Hz stereoscopic 3D applications. The display can be serviced from the front to streamline maintenance-essential for mission-critical applications that require minimal downtime-and ordered with redundant power supplies