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CEDIA Sneak Peeks

27 EXPO COMPANIES That We Were Allowed to Tell You About At this point in the summer, most manufacturers are unwilling or unable to share many details about the products that they plan to show off at CEDIA EXPO, which is scheduled later this year than usual (September 23-26) in Atlanta, Georgia. With a li

27 EXPO COMPANIES That We Were Allowed to Tell You About

At this point in the summer, most manufacturers are unwilling or unable to share many details about the products that they plan to show off at CEDIA EXPO, which is scheduled later this year than usual (September 23-26) in Atlanta, Georgia. With a little prodding and pushing, however, we were able to come up with a nice round number (27 in all) of interesting tidbits for this sneak preview.

At CEDIA EXPO 2010, RTI will showcase a number of solutions, including the company’s new T3-V+ and T2-C+ universal controllers, the XP-6 and XP-3 central processors, and Apple integration with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad via the new RTiPanel app. Also on display, and available in Q3, will be RTI’s ST-7 handheld and RK-10 in-wall controllers, AD-4 distributed audio matrix switcher, vIRsa Mouse IR emitter, and Virtual Panel application. The third generation of the T3 system controller.

At CEDIA 2010, D-Tools will demonstrate enhanced Data Services and new functionality for the next version of its System Integrator software. The company has created new interactive tools to help users and manufacturer partners manage, edit, process, and update data to streamline workflow and increase productivity around the estimation, design, and installation of custom electronics and other low-voltage systems.

IOGEAR’s Wireless HD Kit allows installers to customize any living space and offer the ability to wirelessly transmit Bluray/ DVD players, DVR/ set-top boxes, VHS players, and media servers/home theater PCs to HDTVs or projectors. The kit is capable of streaming full HD 1080p 60Hz video and audio content up to 100 feet away to a display within the home or desired set up. It also offers the added flexibility of an RJ-45 LAN port for those larger jobs that require a distance of further than 100 feet by utilizing Cat-5e/Cat-6 cables.

ihiji will participate in CEDIA’s first New Technologies Pavilion and will be integrating its invision monitoring solution with many of the other manufacturers and technologies on display in the pavilion. The company will be showing the new version of its software, which promises to help take service contracts to the next level with a new feature (embargoed until the show) that will save more time than ever before. In addition to the booth, ihiji will also be offering new dealer training, a new service contract template, and will be participating in the CEDIA Future Technologies Panel.

At press time it was too early to pinpoint exactly which ELAN g! products would be shipping and showcased at CEDIA EXPO, but the line’s first touchscreen and system controlers–the TS7 “g!” powered seven-inch touchscreen and the HC12 and HC6 “g!” powered controllers–figure to be a major part of the mix. The TS7 brings added functionality at a lower price point than previous offerings with the latest in LED backlighting technology. It features live, full-screen analog video for security cameras and TV preview and six hard buttons for commonly used functions, as well as an integrated microphone and speaker to enable messaging features.

The Starlight3 by DreamVision is a new high-performance full- HD projector that integrates many of the latest video technologies such as 1080p resolution (1920×1080 3-LCOS engine), integrated 2.35:1 cinemascope mode and a stunning 70000:1 contrast ratio. Starlight3 also features an expert calibration menu and color management system and RS-232 for easy integration with other components and systems. The projector’s ultra-stylish chassis was created by the famed French designer, Antoine Beon.

BG Radia will showcase its highly anticipated surround speakers for high-performance in-wall or in-ceiling applications. The SS-202 ($1,000 MSRP each) and SS-303 ($2,000 MSRP each), which are already shipping, are all new, planar-ribbon designs that are manufactured in the U.S. at BG’s Carson City, Nevada, headquarters. The SS-202 and the SS-303 are bipolar speakers designed to produce a very large diffuse soundfield. Both share their speaker drivers with the rest of BG’s primary speakers, both woofers and planar ribbon midranges and tweeters.

NextGen will unveil the latest HDMI cable in its Xtreme Series. The ultra-speed, HDMI 1.4 with Ethernet, has been designed to provide performance that meets or exceeds all of today’s demands for HDMI applications. Like all NextGen Xtreme cables, it is DPL-rated for assurance of quality and product performance and is backwards compatible to remain fully compliant with highperformance Blu-ray and DVD components, AV receivers, and set-top boxes.

In addition to new 1080p 3D projectors, Digital Projection will introduce the 2,560 x 1,600-pixel dVision 35-WQXGA (almost twice the resolution of a 1080p display), which is the first anamorphic lens-free multiple-aspect ratiocapable projector. According to DP, no anamorphic optics will be required when this projector is employed in a constantheight application.

NuVo’s big launch will be a freestanding Renovia system. This new form factor of the company’s groundbreaking PowerLine-based system provides an alternative to the in-wall zone amplifiers of the original product. Utilizing the same technology to distribute audio and metadata over a home’s existing electrical lines, the freestanding Renovia employs detached modules for amplifying the audio in each zone, simplifying the installation for areas where wall construction might prohibit cutting. No electrician required.

With SpectraCal’s Quantum Data 780 Handheld Test Instrument, ESCs can simplify HDMI troubleshooting, including 3D problems. There are four troubleshooting steps that can help isolate HDMI 3D problems and identify the reason that 3D images aren’t being displayed properly. First, the 780 helps emulate a 3D source device to test the video display (sink device). Second it emulates a 3D source device with the 780 to test the signal delivery path. Third, it emulates both 3D source and sink devices to test each of the components in the signal delivery path. Fourth, it emulates a 3D sink device to test the 3D source device.

New brand WallWizard promises to unveil its comprehensive line of cost-effective and easy-to-install motorized and manual flat-screen TV mounts (eight motorized and six manual models in total). Dealers will have an opportunity to witness firsthand the brand’s cam mechanismdriven articulating mounts, motorized articulating and swing-out wall-mounts, and swivel tabletop stands.

SnapAV will unveil its new ultra low-profile flat-screen TV mounts (for LED TVs) and brand-new media distribution products (including an HDMI matrix switcher). Continuing to round out its Episode loudspeaker line, SnapAV will be demonstrating its newest speakers ranging from entrylevel to high-end, and raffling off a brand-new 2010 Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle.

Niles will introduce attendees to a new assortment of distributed audio, loudspeaker, and control solutions, including the IM-NET, the latest in the growing family of source integration modules for the GXR2 multi-zone receiver. IM-NET plays popular digital music file formats stored on the home’s network and streams music from Internet services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, and Internet Radio.

Although Sencore hasn’t abandoned its core test and measurement and signal optimization tools, the company has expanded into video processing with its RadianceXE and RadianceXD switching and distribution hubs for audio/video systems. Radiance features include picture-in-picture (PIP), which permits theater viewers to preview video programs and, at the press of a button, swap the inset picture for the main video. It also provides self configuring of an output resolution and the HDMI signal during installation, which eliminates the tedious task of determining the best display settings.

Platinum Tools will showcase its 4Mapper Coax Tester, which is designed to help find and identify single or multiple coax cables in the midst of a bundle. The 4Mapper tests CATV, CCTV, and other multi-run coax systems, and is no bigger than the palm of the hand.

As the LED TV market has started to boom, OmniMount saw the need for a full line of fixed, tilt and full-motion mounts specifically designed with this new technology in mind. At CEDIA EXPO, the company will introduce the LED Series PHANTOM, with its patent-pending Dual-Mode Installation feature that allows mounting in the wall for a flush profile or on the wall for a self-contained low-profile solution.

SIM2 will be introducing its MICO 60C projector that features PureLED light source technology output, which separates light elements of red, green, and blue to provide a wider and more consistent color reproduction, with richer and more saturated colored images. Also, the Grand Cinema MICO series is equipped with a liquid-cooling system that reduces its operating noise to an extremely quiet level. The MICO CONNECT 60 sits atop of the MICO Series with LAN and wireless connectivity.

Salamander Designs is applying memory foam to its entire collection of premium home theater seating, including the Alex, Talia, and Matteo lines. All the seats are hand-made in the USA by dedicated artisans. The three basic styles come in 27 high-fashion colors and four cover materials, including leathers that use an eco-friendly tanning process.

Spectrum will be showcasing a new, single Category cable balun from that promises to be more reliable than comparable products of the past. The HD570 is HDMI 1.4 compatible (no ethernet), Deep Color capable, supports all HDMI 3D standards, and supports 4Kx2K resolution. Along with diagnostics, the unit incorporates signal preservation systems such as TMDS re-clocking.

Xantech is one of those companies keeps plugging away at solving common installation problems. For example, have a client for a multiroom AV system who keeps most of her music in her smartphone or tablet PC? Bridge it to the multi-room AV system with the BDXTT wireless Bluetooth audio interface. It makes a wireless connection between an AV system and any handheld Bluetooth A2DP-enabled device such as a smartphone, PC or tablet.

Video Mount Products’ FP-MF Mid-Size Flat Panel Flush Wall Mount has an installed distance of less than one inch from the wall and can hold flat panels from 27 to 42 inches in size and up to 100 lbs.

URC is being pretty cagey about the introduction of 10 new products at CEDIA EXPO 2010. What we can tell you is that eight are home automation products, and only two are remote controls. With this unveiling of the URC Total Control product line, URC immediately expands beyond controlling the home theater and becomes the whole-house control company of choice.

The Dynamic Series Dual Driver Powered Subwoofers, which will make its introduction at EXPO, build on Sunfire’s reputation for delivering big sounds from small boxes. These subwoofers are small and stylish, and can be used for both direct and wireless connections.

AVAD will show attendees to CEDIA Expo 2010 how “One Call Does it All” for custom installers for residential AV, commercial AV, and security products and support. In addition to having the opportunity to learn more about its unique dealer programs, its roster of the industry’s most trusted brands and in-depth training opportunities attendees to the AVAD Booth will have the opportunity to win a limited-edition AVAD Guitar at the show.

Tributaries will introduce new HEC HDMI with Ethernet cables. Not only do these cables conform to the performance requirements consistent with all new HDMI v1.4 upgrades but the company also has added additional improvements to the connectors and the cable for ease in installation and improved signal transfer in long distance.

Introduced officially this past Spring, Leon Speakers will unveil its package of five complete 5.1 and 7.2 “Living Space Theater” home audio systems to EXPO attendees next month. In addition to providing value by offering timbre-matched audio solutions, Leon’s high-fidelity systems can be customized easily and configured by integrators and designers according to the exact specifications of any room.