Mountain West Distributors Adds Training Sessions in August

Sessions Across its Territory Will Focus on Several PowerHouse Alliance Vendors
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Mountain West Distributors has ramped up its training sessions for the month of August, and will be hosting sessions across its territory that focus on several PowerHouse Alliance vendors. 

The series begins August 13, with a Legrand training at its Salt Lake City, UT headquarters, and continue the following week with a dual Wyrestorm and Pioneer Elite training session at the Denver, CO location, ending with a Yamaha training for dealers back in Salt Lake City.

“Training plays a major role in what we do at Mountain West Distributors,” said Garrett Breinholt, sales manager at Mountain West Distributors. “It is vital for our sales team and dealers to stay current in the ever-changing technology landscape. We strive to offer multiple trainings per month at each of our locations, and tailor the experience so our dealers get to learn and interact with multiple vendors at each session.”

At the end of the month, PowerHouse member Volutone Distributing will continue its CEDIA and Volutone Networking workshop series it implemented earlier this year to provide its dealers with additional opportunities to master the network. At each of the three sessions, attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of advanced networking terminology, port address translation, network segmentation using subnet masking and routers, and more. This series kicks off at the San Diego location on August 25, move on to Van Nuys, CA, on August 26, and close out at the Las Vegas location on August 27.

“Having an in-depth understanding of home networks is vital to an integrator’s success, which is why we are honored to serve such a critical role in this training series with CEDIA,” said Trevor Hansen, vice president at Volutone. “By filling the seats during this series of workshops at Volutone locations, we are ensuring that our dealers have the necessary networking product knowledge and are able to sharpen the skills they will need to become a CEDIA Residential Networking Specialist.”

In addition, PowerHouse member ECD will host a URC Total Control Level 2 Training at its Houston headquarters on August 20.