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Azione Unlimited Reflects on its First-Ever Virtual Conference

Event’s hallmarks included one-on-one speed networking and small group meetings.

Azione Unlimited has concluded the Azione Absolute Fall Conference, its first-ever digital event. As an alternative to in-person events, the three-day Azione Absolute Fall Conference had 326 Azione Unlimited members in attendance.

“The Azione Absolute Fall Conference has been an absolute hit among all our dealer and vendor members,” says Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited. “The balance between small group meetings, keynotes, and one-on-one networking injected a much-needed dose of energy back into our industry. The results have been absolutely outstanding, and we are proud of the positive ripples it produced in making our group that much stronger.”

Running from October 13–15, the conference offered 30 sessions, including three keynotes, three networking opportunities, six presentations, and 18 small group sessions. Of the 326 unique dealer and vendor attendees, there were more than 1200 session participants across all events.

Focused on providing a platform for dealers and vendors to interact, the Azione Absolute conference’s hallmarks included one-on-one speed networking and small group meetings. Each of these sessions had audio and video enabled to provide a safe and natural experience.

One-on-one speed networking randomly matched dealers and vendors, allowing just five minutes of conversation. Direct and genuine conversations provided a renewed path to connect dealer and vendor members. Over the three days, 130 speed-networking meetings took place.

Complimenting the one-on-one speed networking, the Azione Absolute Fall Conference also provided small group meetings that focused on an array of topics. including lighting, service plans, business acumen, remote employee management, wellness offerings, and more. These small group sessions emulated in-person events and offered dealers a platform to share face-to-face experiences in a non-competitive environment.

The three keynotes were also praised for their ability to convey information with a timely and exciting tone. Renowned interior designer business coach Nancy Ganzekaufer opened the conference with a conversation on how to create, maintain, and maximize relationships between integrators and designers. Chris Smith, CEO of TheCoTeam, energized dealers with a discussion on how to “Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs” and create a culture of productivity in your business. CEDIA senior vice president of Education Samantha Ventura closed the conference with powerful advice on being a better leader, even in difficult times.

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