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Eight Keys to Brightening LED Sales Opportunities

Consumer demand for high quality, application-specific lighting is growing.

SWITCH Infinia LED bulbs are available nationwide. Consumer demand for high quality, application-specific lighting is growing. If you’re feeling dim when it comes to LED dimmers, then considering these eight tips will help to illuminate your install expertise and sales opportunities.

1 Dimming matters to customers

The convenience and ability to control their home ambience is a powerful capability for homeowners, whether they’re concerned about entertaining or enjoying leisure time.

2 Traditional ‘legacy’ dimmers are yesterday’s news

The methods used by the old dimmers don’t hold a candle to the latest options, so be prepared to install an approved LED dimmer. It’s a great sales opportunity to integrate matching hardware and most if not all of the reputable manufactures have a list of approved dimmers and bulb types.

3 Not all LEDs are created equal

There are several factors that will affect “dimming ranges,” which is why it is necessary to check the manufacturer’s website prior to purchasing any LEDs. Also, keep in mind that a dimming percentage is different than the light level perceived by the naked eye. For example, an LED that is dimmed to 10 percent will have a perceived measured light output of 31 percent. This is an important consideration when it comes to selecting the correct dimmable light for a particular area.

4 Dimming increases the impressive energy savings of LEDs

Dimming LEDs is almost a one-to-one ratio with respect to power saving. Simply put, if you dim to 50 percent, then you can expect a 50-percent savings for that light load. Additionally, a dimmed bulb has a reduced heat output that extends the bulb life and decreases any potential cooling needs.

5 You don’t have to reinvent the wheel

The lighting control switch process will be a moderately simple task for an electronics integrator. In almost all circumstances, an LED-approved dimmer will have the same wires and terminals as an older dimmer. Things to be on the lookout for include older homes with outdated wiring that may be missing a ground or neutral.

6 LEDs and dimmers have typical power conditioning traits

Although you will use less wattage to power up your LEDs, the stress placed on a dimmer is similar to a typical incandescent load with the same amount of bulbs. While the energy levels are much more favorable than in old bulbs, spikes and surges can still damage or destroy your dimmer if overloaded. Replacing LED bulbs one for one on energy circuits is often a safe prospect for integrators.

7 Color temperature can be customized to fit the application

Homeowners are accustomed to the color changing affect of an incandescent light, which produces a warmer feel as it dims. Many of the current LED types are not built to mimic this feature because they maintain their specific color temperature when dimmed. There are, however, a few companies that make a temperature-changing LED when it is dimmed. LEDnovation, for example, makes a warm dimming BR30 that does an amazing job at duplicating the feel of an incandescent BR30.

8 You have options for every wattage and energy level

There are a variety of dimmers that are specifically made for every LED model on the market. As long as installers are careful to match specifications, there are options to make every installation meet the user’s needs and usage patterns. Selecting LEDs that use less wattage doesn’t necessarily mean that you can add more to dimmers rated for a high energy load. Be sure to check specifics and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Energy Squad Launches LED Diet

Gino Hefner, Energy Squad Energy Squad, the consumer electronics industry’s first full-service green tech distributor, was created with the mission to provide professional systems integrators with access to products, service and support from the industry’s leading providers of LED lighting and green technology.

The distributor recently launched the LED Diet, a training program for integrators throughout the nation that provides hands-on, guided training that outlines how dealers can tap into the power of green technology.

Gino Hefner is a certified LED “dietitian,” one of Energy Squad’s industry experts who educates integrators on effectively marketing and selling green technology to significantly grow their businesses. He believes in utilizing the latest technology to help convert any home from an old, outdated, poorly lit and power-guzzling space into a beautiful, energy-efficient environment— literally one bulb at a time.