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Twinkly Lights Debuts Matrix Smart LED Curtain

Features precise LED positioning for fluid-effect graphics.

Italian smart decorative brand Twinkly has announced the launch of smart LED technology with the Matrix light curtain, which the company says boasts the highest LED density in its class. Featuring precise LED positioning for fluid-effect graphics, Matrix is designed to redefine ambient lighting. Its ready-to-use format and lightweight premium design integrate into any setting, providing a canvas for limitless possibilities.

Twinkly Lights Matrix LED Curtain
Twinkly Matrix

Matrix isn’t just a curtain of light — it’s a fully mappable, customizable light display with a high density of smart LEDs that is app-controlled to play unlimited effects and animations. Features include screen mirroring options for Windows, along with gaming integrations, to create immersive and reactive live experiences. The ultra-vibrant, high-speed LEDs, more closely spaced than any other light curtain, also deliver superior dynamic HD effects and fluid animations. The lightweight bars on each end ensure a perfectly aligned and tangle-free setup.


The Matrix is part of the Twinkly ecosystem, meaning two or more Matrix curtains can be connected together or linked with other Twinkly lights for larger, synchronized installations. When paired with Twinkly Music, the Matrix can synchronize and dance to sounds in real time, offering a unique and astounding effect. The Matrix is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for seamless voice control.


Matrix will be available starting January 31, 2024 in two variants: the 3.3/3.3-foot model with 480 mappable LEDs and the 1.6/7.9-foot model with 500 mappable LEDs.


Matrix is now available for pre-orders on and on at the suggested purchase at an introductory price of $199.99.


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