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Working With Oasys

Go behind the scenes at the recently renamed buying group to find out how it is making an impact for its dealer partners.

Back in March, Nationwide Marketing Group rebranded its Home Technology Specialists Nationwide (HTSN) custom integration division as the Oasys Residential Technology Group. The new name was coupled with a new strategy that would see the group expand its reach to a wider portion of the custom integration industry. Here, Hank Alexander, director of Oasys Residential Technology Group, discusses the name change and how the group plans on reaching its goals.

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RESI: Why did Nationwide decide to rebrand HTSN as Oasys?
HANK ALEXANDER: There was a lot of thought and discussion that went into the decision to rebrand as Oasys Residential Technology Group. Beyond the fact that it helps to clear up confusion within the industry around other organizations with similar names, the rebrand came at a critical time when Nationwide Marketing Group’s custom integration strategy had drastically evolved — for the better. We have our partnership with Azione Unlimited, a new Drive to 1000 initiative, and a shift in our focus in how we aim to serve the integrators. Oasys represents a destination — a place with abundant resources — and we strive to be the home for all custom integrators.

What kinds of CI businesses would benefit most from joining Oasys?
We mean it when we say that Oasys is a home for ALL custom integrators. No matter the size of the organization, all integrators stand to benefit from aligning with Oasys and the resources we provide. Specifically, though, Oasys aims to be a strong partner for upstart integrators who are looking to carve their path through this industry. We believe every integrator deserves an opportunity to succeed, no matter their size. It’s inspiring to watch our seasoned dealers offer their advice and expertise to our younger integrators, but we’ve also seen examples of newer dealers teaching a thing or two to longstanding businesses. So there really is something for integrators of all sizes in our community.

Oasys - Hank Alexander
Hank Alexander

Oasys has ambitious membership goals. How is it attracting new members?
We recently welcomed a new field team to the group that is working to support all our custom integration brands here at Oasys. That team is hard at work, out in the field, providing personal, high-touch support to our current dealers while also sharing the story and mission of Oasys with the wider custom integration community.

How do Oasys Summits differ from other buying group gatherings?
I mentioned the experience of watching our dealers engage with one another and idea share. That’s exactly what we witness at Oasys Summit. Of course, dealers have the opportunity to collaborate closely with our vendor partners and have one-on-one meetings. They also hear from business leaders who can guide them on the path to success. But some of the most inspirational moments happen during our member-led roundtable discussions. We watch them engage with one another, drive meaningful conversations, and uncover actionable items that they can implement into their businesses right away.

Can you provide an example of how Oasys has helped a new dealer member improve its business?
We have a young dealer, just two years into the business, who was looking to scale their operations in a really fast manner. After joining Oasys, we worked closely with them to get them up and running on the programs and services that targeted the initiatives that mattered most to them at the outset. From there, we’ve been along for the ride with them, watching the business grow and continuing to provide support when and where they need it. Another member recently told us, “I’m too big to be too small.” I think that says a lot about the types of dealers we’re attracting and connecting with them, vendors, education, and distributors. We’re here to help them grow.

What do you see as the biggest pain points facing dealers today, and how does Oasys help alleviate them?
It’s recruiting and retention, hands down. And we believe that at the core of the solution to those challenges is a strong educational platform. And that’s exactly what we’ve built and continue to refine here at Oasys. Our partnership with CEDIA provides our members with complimentary CEDIA membership and access to the CEDIA Academy, a strong foundation for our own educational program. And we’re constantly adding to and refining the Oasys Learning Academy with vendor-specific training and product education. By offering your employees access to a powerful suite of classes and education, you can create buy-in within your own organization and then leverage those tools to attract new talent as well.

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