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New Owners of Richard Gray’s Power Company Blend New and Existing Technologies

AV systems have changed dramatically over the last several years, and because of their robust functionality and advanced technologies, they are far more sensitive to their electrical environment.

Richard Gray’s Power Company president and CEO Alex Gianaras AV systems have changed dramatically over the last several years, and because of their robust functionality and advanced technologies, they are far more sensitive to their electrical environment. Thus, the integrity of the AC power, communications networks, and grounding are more critical than ever to a system’s performance and reliability. Utilizing technical expertise gleaned over decades of research and development, Richard Gray’s Power Company has developed the “1-2-3 Plus C System” to meet the these needs. The RGPC1-2-3 Plus C System is designed to provide a pure, quiet, and stable AC power and communications environment where all connected equipment operates in the same virtual conditions as specified by their manufacturers and incorporates AC surge protection, AC power purification, parallel power delivery, UPS systems, and communications protection. RGPC, which was founded back in 1998 by New Orleans audiophiles Dick McCarthy and Richard Gray, was purchased by its Illinois-based manufacturing partner TMI in 2013. RS contacted new president and CEO Alex Gianaras to learn more about this transition and to find out what has and has not changed in the company’s product line.

What changes will RGPC dealers notice in the way TMI operates the brand vs. how it was run in the past?

The day-to-day management of RGPC and the way the company is going to market are two of the most discernable changes, and while those were set in motion nearly a year ago, it takes some time to implement change without disrupting or derailing the efforts of those that have supported us since the beginning.

That said, RGPC dealers will experience a more dynamic, more efficient, more solutions-oriented company that’s operated under a single roof–one that’s proactive, reactive, and responsive not only to customer needs, but also those of the dealer/rep network. We’re also addressing our internal operations and infrastructure to be more consistently communicative so that our customers and their clients are more engaged with the RGPC brand, company, mission, technologies and products.

How about changes to the product line?

Richard Gray’s Power Company’s PowerBridge and IPAC-8 products Earlier this year, we began to address the product line. Since there hadn’t been much in the way of new product introductions in recent years, we made some immediate additions–remote power management technologies to be more specific–which some will recognize from CEDIA EXPO and recent press. The IPAC-8 is the first notable addition to the line, and several new products that better support today’s technologies are forthcoming, but the core line remains intact and includes longtime favorites like the 400 Pro, 1200 C,

Substation, and others. We understand that the marketplace requires entry-level price point products however, and are working to bring new technologies to market that will open up new opportunities for dealers.

Why was it important to add an IP-addressable and remotely monitored product to the RGPC line, and what did it take from an engineering standpoint to achieve this goal?

Customers have been asking for IP-addressable products like the new IPAC-8 because today’s technology requires it. To fulfill the need, we’ve partnered with providers like ihiji to bring the appropriate technology and intelligence to market. This is just the beginning of the new lineup; when and where it makes sense, we’ll layer in additional new technologies and products that complement existing offerings in the field.

Because RGPC has been relatively quiet in recent years, remind us what makes the company unique in the category.

First and foremost, we are the only company to address power issues from the service entrance all the way through to the signal entrance. We offer technology-based solutions that address individual issues in an effective, professional-grade manner, rather than an all-in-one box. Unlike other brands, each product in the RGPC line serves a very specific need and meets all commercial and NEC standards. We’ve taken commercial standards and knowledge and applied them to our entire product line to provide a better end solution, essentially delivering pro-grade commercial/industrial solutions that are appropriate for use in residential environments. While we deliver quality solutions for high-power applications, we encourage dealers to bring in a dedicated 240-volt line for these systems so that they can deliver a better customer experience, day in, day out.