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Almo Pro A/V Offers Trio of Screening, Messaging, and Sanitizing Products for Businesses

Designed to help keep people informed and protected while ensuring the environment they are in is safely sanitized.

With a focus on health and safety in public spaces, Almo Professional A/V has announced the availability of new screening, messaging, and sanitizing products designed to help keep people informed and protected while ensuring the environment they are in is safely sanitized.

The Mimo Monitor Temperature Taking Bundle, Hanover Disinfectant Fogger Kit, and RCSTARS Digital Signage and Hand Sanitizer Kiosk help provide protection, awareness, and trust in public places.

The following pre-screening and sanitizing products are now available or available for pre-order through Almo Professional A/V:

The Mimo Monitor Temperature Taking Bundle. A touch-free temperature-taking bundle that ensures everyone entering the building or public space is fever-free. With all the necessary components needed to protect businesses and communities, this enterprise-grade bundle includes a Mimo Monitors Android commercial Adapt-IQV tablet, Revel Digital’s CMS, analytics, and accurate temperature sensing software with a one-year license, along with a choice of a wall mount, desktop stand, or floor stand/cart. The monitor can also be built into a kiosk.

The bundle takes a quick, level one calibrated temperature scan at business entrances. Through its analytics system, it can be connected with existing databases to track personal temperatures daily and keep them on record. At the same time, the software can be personalized with messaging about the company’s health and safety protocols.

Hanover Disinfectant Fogger Kit. The new kit allows businesses to equip their staff with personal protective equipment, disinfecting solutions, and the tools necessary to protect the public. The disinfectant handheld fogger kit is recommended for high traffic areas, such as lobbies, hallways, and auditoriums but can be used anywhere in a closed space. The Aseptic Plus+ kills Coronavirus, legionella, mold, mildew, and other allergens, odors, viruses, and bacteria. It’s applied with an ultra-fine mist that is non-corrosive and will not damage sensitive electronics and technology. In fact, it can be sprayed safely over windows, TVs, and computer screens. The cleaning solution is EPA registered and ecologically safe with no rinse required.

The fogger kit comes complete with a training video and manual containing specific details about how to optimally sanitize a space. The kit includes signage to display following a cleaning which states the facility has been clinically cleaned and sanitized, providing reassurance and peace of mind.

RCSTARS Digital Signage and Hand Sanitizer Kiosk (coming soon). These units are the ideal indoor solution for education and safety as customers enter and move about a facility. The messaging can be set up to include facility safety rules and reminders to clean hands using the convenient sanitizer dispenser.

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