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Amber Solutions Signs Agreements with Electronics Manufacturers

Will now explore product, scoping, development, and contract terms with the companies.

Amber Solutions, the young Silicon Valley company that recently introduced an AC/DC enabler and AC switch that makes possible the digital control of electricity in solid-state architecture, is moving closer to making this control a mainstream reality. The company has announced it has signed one Letter of Intent with revenue and six Memorandums of Understanding with leading global electronics manufacturers, three of which were signed during the COVID-19 lockdown, to explore product, scoping, development, and contract terms.

The company also announced that it has completed and/or is building solid-state-based, full functional demo models or pre-production product for a range of categories that include multi-function capacitive touch smart dimmer switches, smart outlet, and smart, programmable retrofit Din Rail (Europe) and NEMA (US) circuit breakers.

“The combination of our internal and partner aligned development initiatives are re-inventing a foundational technology of modern life that hasn’t changed materially in over 50 years, and this is happening faster than anyone would have thought possible a few short years ago,” says Amber founder, president, and CEO Thar Casey.  “Our partners recognize that Amber’s breakthroughs go far beyond providing new technology options to solving major and costly issues that have affected the industry for years.”

The prospect of Amber and its partners powering the wholesale upgrade of every electrical endpoint in every building, to solid state with embedded intelligence is very compelling. “We deliver a first mover advantage for our partners in an addressable market that is worldwide in scope and long overdue for transformation,” adds Casey. “We are opening the door to an entirely new area of opportunity for forward-looking investors, electrical products manufacturers, third-party developers, resellers, building architects, and developers — as well as end-user customers.”

Amber has five patents secured, with 36 filed to cover both hardware and software innovations as well as received UL component-level certification for one of their core breakthroughs. “Amber’s portfolio of patented technologies is going to disrupt the global electrical and powered products industries by enabling robust integration of advanced artificial intelligence and Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity in any electrical product that requires AC to DC conversion or AC switching,” Casey promises.

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