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AMX, Cimax/VIG in War of Words

AMX has brought a lawsuit against concierge MDU solutions company Cimax/VIG.

Richardson, TX and Miami, FL–Automation control firm AMX has brought a lawsuit against Cimax/VIG, and a number of defendants including the owners. AMX filed the lawsuit on May 5, in the United State Federal Court in Miami, Florida, for, among other things, violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), conspiracy, fraud, and theft.

The lawsuit comes on the heels of an announced agreement between Cimax/VIG and Crestron to integrate Cimax’s concierge MDU solution with Crestron’s range of automation products.

Former industry partners, AMX and Cimax parted ways several months ago, with AMX subsequently brokering a partnership with concierge software developer, Simplikate.

AMX contends that Cimax, a custom installation provider, had a contractual obligation to use its best efforts to sell AMX products and protect the company’s trade secrets. However, AMX alleges that Cimax and its owners formed VIG for the expressed purpose of selling products to Crestron and misrepresented its intentions to AMX.

In a press release statement, Cimax/VIG has vehemently denied all claims of wrong doing and said that as of May 8, they had not been served with a copy of AMX’s complaint.

Cimax/VIG further contends that, “Prior to engaging in business with Cimax, AMX had little involvement, if any, in the luxury multi-dwelling unit automation market.” The company contends that for the past three years AMX had “used Cimax, its customers and strategic alliances to create an amenities solution package. To develop this AMX product, Cimax created B&M, an affiliate of Cimax. After creating a market in excess of 75,000 MDUs for use with the AMX product, AMX arbitrarily and in violation of its agreement, terminated B&M and Cimax, causing Cimax to suffer tens of millions of dollars in financial losses.”

George Fallica of Cimax/VIG, has been named as a defendant in the lawsuit along with Unified Home Solutions, Pedro Moreira, and Jorge Gimenez. Fallica said that it seems as if AMX is accusing Cimax of doing exactly what AMX has done to B&M/Cimax. “This is a classic tale where innovative and talented entrepreneurs shared intellectual processes, systems, and software with a corporate giant and the giant tries to steal the business,” Fallica said.

AMX’s federal lawsuit includes claims against all defendants for interference with AMX business and breaches of fiduciary duties.