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AVNation Talks Acquisition and Controversy in ResiWeek 3

Editorial Director Jeremy J. Glowacki and editorial contributor Todd Anthony Puma join Tim Albright in discussing recent news in the residential AV Channel.

In the latest edition of ResiWeek, AVNation’s Tim Albright invited ResidentialSystems’ editorial director Jeremy J. Glowacki and editorial contributor Todd Anthony Puma, who is also CEO and co-founder of The Source Home Theater Installation in the NYC area, to discuss recent news in the residential AV channel.

Having inspired last week’s deluge of confusion and near-vitriol, Crestron’s surprise farewell to CEDIA took to the foreground of the conversation. Disappointingly for the rumor-mongers, cooler heads appear to have prevailed on all sides, despite rumors of snubs and rifts. The more pertinent question for the casters then became one of the wisdom of Crestron’s choice.

The discussion then turned to Control4’s acquisition of Pakedge and its implications for the industry. Control4 has stated that it feels that the network is key to the future of the residential channel, a view that the podcast guests supported whole-heartedly.

The conversation then wrapped up with the Nest thermostat’s recent spate of outages. It’s a looming nightmare for the coming IoT, which both Puma and Glowacki said makes the case for the future need of professional integrators.

ResiWeek is AVNation’s weekly retrospective on developments in the residential AV industry. Click here to see the podcast in full.