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AVnu Alliance Grows within Auto Industry with BMW Appointment

The BMW Group is the newest member to join the AVnu Alliance, an industry consortium that certifies Audio Video Bridging (AVB) products for interoperability.

The BMW Group is the newest member to join the AVnu Alliance, an industry consortium that certifies Audio Video Bridging (AVB) products for interoperability.

The membership from BMW Group, the German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company, marks the growth of AVnu Alliance in the automotive industry and helps the progression of AVB systems within motor vehicles.

AVnu Alliance members represent all facets of automotive technology such as OEMs, silicon manufacturers, Tier 1 technology suppliers and middleware providers. With the addition of BMW Group, these members are helping to build momentum for AVB in the auto industry and thus the Alliance has made significant steps toward constructing a true ecosystem for fully-interoperable in-vehicle infrastructure. 

“Ethernet and AVB are the natural step for infotainment in the connected automobile to allow for multiple in-vehicle systems to simultaneously access information over a single and high-data-rate network,” said Luca DeAmbroggi, Principal Analyst Automotive Semiconductor, IHS Research. “In particular, BMW has already demonstrated its strong focus on the deployment of Ethernet technology in the car. With the addition of BMW as a member, the AVnu Alliance is further broadening the number of key players supporting the usage of AVB within the vehicle.”

Networked communications needs within the automobile are accelerating at a rapid pace, spurred by applications such as Advanced Drivers Assistance, electric vehicles, high-definition multi-zone A/V, and autonomous driving. With these trends as the driving force, AVnu Alliance is dedicated to advancing AVB certification to give automotive manufacturers confidence that all parts of the complex automotive network will work seamlessly together.

“As BMW sets out to deliver unique customer experiences, BMW is one of the innovation leaders of the industry. Introducing Ethernet-based communication is a key to a reliable and powerful in-car networking, on which innovations can be built,” said Alexander Maier, director of E/E Architectures and Semiconductor Standards, BMW Group. “BMW is excited about the opportunities the membership in the AVnu Alliance brings in respect to standardized quality-of-service Ethernet, which will allow us to further enhance the safety and infotainment functionalities in our vehicles.”

“We are extremely excited to welcome BMW Group to the AVnu Alliance. BMW is a leader in deploying Ethernet in the vehicle and they have deep technical expertise on complex vehicle systems,” said Rick Kreifeldt, AVnu Alliance president. “The AVnu Alliance helps foster a new networking ecosystem by working with industry leading members such as BMW for innovative network applications.

AVnu Alliance is seeing a growing momentum in all sectors including automotive, consumer and professional audio and video and is standing at 65 members. The AVnu Alliance opened testing for AVB-enabled networking devices at its appointed testing house, the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) and has many products in the certification process. AVnu Certification is available to alliance member companies.