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Beale Street Audio Patents Integrated Speaker Enclosure

Beale Street Audio has launched with a new patented integrated speaker enclosure technology that the company says will redefine the speaker category.

Beale Street Audio has launched with a new patented integrated speaker enclosure technology that the company says will redefine the speaker category.

Jim Murray, founder of Beale Street Audio and inventor of Sonic Vortex said, “Like many manufacturers in our market, I was a custom integrator for many years, so I absolutely look at what we are doing with Beale from an integrator’s perspective. I wanted to combine an amazing technology that will truly provide dealers with a superior product, along with the welcoming, live music spirit of Beale Street in Memphis, TN—the place where blues married soul and made rock ‘n’ roll.”

In reference to the speaker design, Murray explained, “Architectural speakers that do not utilize enclosures inherently have issues, which is not a knock on the actual product. There are real-world situations in play such as poor bass response, sound playing into the next room, dirt and dust getting into the speaker, and no two speakers sounding the same since ceiling/wall cavities vary. Our integrated enclosure with Sonic Vortex solves these issues, and adds to the overall performance as well.”

The patented Sonic Vortex technology is a twist on a traditional ported enclosure design with some roots based on transmission line technology. Built into the integrated back box of the speakers, Sonic Vortex delivers significantly more bass, according to the company. The main port of the enclosure is broken down into multiple sections that are tuned to spec. These “fins,” as they are called, compress and move air at a high speed without port noise, and they add to cabinet rigidity. Other features include a flatter frequency response, a 6 to 9dB boost in the mid-lower bass range compared to sealed models, an amplifier friendly design, and affordable manufacturing. The solution is scalable with the integrated enclosure manufacturing varying based on the models the designers choose to make.

The new brand is an extension of a 95-year-old, multi-million-dollar company with an almost 50-year history in the audio business. Mark Cichowski, business development for Beale Street Audio notes the company history and resources available for this new venture. “A lot of great ideas get stuck in the garage since there is often no money and/or personnel to back the idea,” he said.

“It is rare when a real technology, such as Sonic Vortex, comes along that is not smoke and mirrors,” Cichowski added. “Ask yourself how many differentiating speaker technologies or features have been released in the past 20-plus years? The pivoting tweeter, the edgeless grill? Sonic Vortex is a game changer that provides a tangible improvement in performance and provides real value.”

Beale Street Audio will be at CEDIA in booth 596 with “a fun, welcoming display,” according to Cichowski. Products will ship about 45 days after CEDIA.