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Boston Acoustics Begins Shipping PRi In-Ceilings

The six advanced plenum-rated in-ceiling systems are available with or without 70/100-volt transformers.

Peabody, MA–Boston Acoustics has begun shipping its new Pro Installation Series (PRi) in-ceiling loudspeakers to dealers. The three in-ceiling models are plenum-rated, and are the first speakers developed by Boston Acoustics with a commercial application focus.

The six models in the PRi series include the PRi665 (six-inch woofer), PRi685 (8-inch woofer) and the PRi85 Sub (eight-inch subwoofer). All three models are also available with pre-installed 70/100 volt transformers, under the model numbers PRi665CV, PRi685CV and PRi85SubCV, making them ideal for residential or light commercial applications such as restaurants and bars or in full commercial applications such as malls or large retail and office spaces that require constant voltage to drive multiple speakers.

Boston Acoustics’ new Pro Installation (PRi) series in-ceiling loudspeakers are currently available to consumers and carry MSRPs from $175 to $275 per speaker (SRP).

Our new PRi Series loudspeakers are engineered as an affordable and appealing solution for virtually any commercial or residential application, as well as for home entertainment enthusiasts who want a superior hidden home theater audio solution,” stated Eli Harary, Boston Acoustics senior vice president and general manager. “As demand for high-quality in-ceiling loudspeaker systems grows, theres a particular need for models that offer new levels of audio quality and are also compatible with 70V/100V systems. Our PRi speakers are designed to meet this need, in an easy-to-install, affordable and highly flexible package that truly raises the bar for the in-ceiling category. Their quality and performance will provide installers with the confidence that they have made a wise purchase.

Boston Acoustics designed its PRi Series in-ceiling loudspeakers from the ground up as a break from the traditional concept of metal box enclosed, constant voltage in-ceiling speakers, which most custom installers tend to associate with low-cost commercial products.

To ensure compatibility with new building codes, PRi models to meet the following agency requirements: UL1480, UL-2043, NFPA-70, and NFPA-90-A-1966. They also include a tile bridge and C ring (optional on the CV versions) for easy installation in a dropped ceiling and are at home in virtually any residential or commercial application, from home theater to background music.

Both the PRi665 and PRi685 models feature one-inch Kortec Soft Dome Tweeters in a pivoting tweeter island for maximum flexibility in placement. All models include advanced woofers featuring DCD Mica Filled Copolymer Speaker Cones with Butyl Rubber Surround. In addition, insulation provides acoustic isolation between rooms and dampens resonance for maximum performance in a variety of commercial installations, and a specially tuned ported enclosure provides extended bass response.

For total installation flexibility, an integrated cable clamp on each speaker is compliant with industry-standard conduit clamps, and a four-pin, two-piece Molex connector allows easier connection and daisy chaining of speaker wires with the optional 70/100 volt versions.