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CamerEye Smart Pool System Now Complies with Florida Pool Safety Statute

Approval of AI-based systems as ASTM Type B alarms improves pool safety standards and options for Florida pool owners and builders.

With guidance from the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA), CamerEye Artificial Intelligence Smart Pool Alarm System is now compliant with the Florida Pool Safety Statute, helping further advance the state’s pool safety standards by creating more choices for the pool owners.

CamerEye Pool Safety AI Compliant

The FSPA‘s commitment to safety, innovation, and drowning prevention marks a significant step towards enhancing safety choices and upholding the “layers of protection” for drowning prevention for Florida pool builders and pool owners. This strategy entails a combination of physical barriers and innovative technologies, including surface motion detection alarms, electronic perimeter alerts, and AI-based systems that meet current alarm specifications.

CamerEye’s AI smart pool system uses AI-camera technology with a built-in and an external siren to provide 24/7 video monitoring, human and pet detection in and around the pool, and timely alerts for critical situations such as distress detection, in order to safeguard pool areas.

CamerEye has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first AI system to meet the stringent ASTM F2208-08 and UL 2017 Standards for pool and spa alarms in three distinct product classification categories in Florida.

The new CamerEye Edge system meets ASTM F2208 Type A and Type B sub-surface (in-pool alarm) classifications in addition to the existing Type C classification, which actively monitors and detects water entry. It uses infrared signals to go below the water’s surface to detect entry into the pool and quickly triggers audible alarms via the camera, external siren, and phones, alerting caregivers to take immediate action, as required by Florida law.

CamerEye Edge is available for order now, with deliveries starting in November 2023. FSPA builder members may qualify for discounts.

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