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SKYX to Provide 1000 New Homes for Florida Developer With Its Smart Tech

Expected to deliver 30,000 units representing a variety of its advanced and smart platform technology products to the developer's upcoming projects.

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SKYX Technologies has signed an agreement with a Florida developer to supply approximately 1000 homes with a variety of its advanced and smart home platform technology products. A SKYX smart home, which includes the company’s patented smart platform technology and its plug-and-play products, will enable builders to make homes become smart and safer instantly and efficiently.

SKYX is expected to deliver approximately 30,000 units, representing a variety of its advanced and smart platform technology plug-and-play products, to the Floridan developer Jeremiah Baron Companies upcoming projects. Delivery is expected to start in 2024 and to continue throughout the course of the construction of the projects.


Rani Kohen, founder and executive chairman of SKYX, says, “This is another step towards our goal of making homes and buildings become smart and safe as the new standard. We are excited to advance the next-generation of SKYX smart homes, creating significant value for the developers and homeowners. We are eager to demonstrate our advanced smart platform technology’s ability to make homes become smart and safe instantly within only minutes.”

Jeremiah Baron, CEO and founder of Jeremiah Baron Companies, says, “We are thrilled to develop our upcoming projects as smart homes and create substantial added value to our homes and buildings as well as for our customers. SKYX’s technology provides an advanced, safe, efficient, and time-saving solution that enables homes and buildings to become smart and safer instantly.”

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