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Capitol Adds D&M Professional Products

D&M Professional products are now available to Capitol customers.

Denon Pro’s Envoi Portable PA System

D&M Professional products are now available to Capitol customers.

“D&M is as revered in the commercial market as it is among audiophiles, and with good reason,” commented Curt Hayes, president and CFO of Capitol. “Denon and Marantz pro products live up to the exemplary performance of their consumer lines, and they are constantly looking for ways to innovate and create products that provide years of trouble-free performance.” 

Denon Pro’s Envoi stands out among the new products available form Capitol. A portable AC/battery-powered PA system, the Envoi allows facility managers to bring professional grade sound reinforcement to outdoor events and large interior spaces, with connection of two or more Envoi speakers via its TRX output. The internal Class D amplifier drives a high-output 10-inch two-way speaker system that operates up to 12 hours on a single charge. The Envoi even comes with a 16-channel UHF wireless microphone with automatic tracking/tuning that guarantees a dropout-free connection, and it streams audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device. 

Capitol also carries the Denon Pro Blu-ray DVD player that brings cinematic video quality to large screen displays, a benefit that is valuable when displaying video for meetings, building lobbies, and video simulcasts of live performances. The DN-500BD Blue-ray player handles CDs as integrators would expect, and from the convenience and versatility of a 1RU chassis with wide-ranging connection and control capabilities.