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Catalyst AV Hits Double Digit Growth in Q4

As a group, numbers are up year-over-year.

Catalyst AV has achieved double digit growth year-over-year despite the global COVID pandemic. “The Catalyst AV group has not been immune to the issues effecting the planet in 2020,” says Catalyst AV executive director Helge Fischer. “We have seen huge differences in activity and huge geographical differences, as the pandemic was behaving very differently from New York to Vermont to North Dakota. After the initial shock in March/April, business started to return, and a number of our members had record months in August and September. Overall, as a group we are way ahead of last year same time, which is incredible.

“The industry still has supplier issues, especially in the AV receiver space and with some of the networking products, but every week we receive more goods and turn these shipments around immediately to help finalize jobs in the field.

“As an industry we are so lucky as we cater to the stay/work-at-home space, both on work-related issues and pure entertainment. During challenging times, we all want to be together with good friends and family and enjoy entertainment. The AV industry truly is the sweet spot. Our fall/Holiday season is shaping up tremendously and our members are ready to service the needs of our thousands of installers and AV retailers. We have upgraded all of our systems, order processing, pick up, shipping procedures, everything is safe and sanitized ready for a great end of year!”

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