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CEDIA 2021: New Kordz Whitepaper Provides Market Insights

Provides a summary of key trends and insights for the United States integrated residential technology industry.

The audio-visual market is rapidly changing, which presents us with both significant concerns and opportunities. More and more people are staying home, consuming more audio and visual entertainment, and spending less time outside in venues like movie theaters and concerts. The money from a reduction in outside entertainment is going towards immediate benefits to entertainment (and making it more enjoyable) in the home.

Kordz White Paper

This critical market shift is creating a strange new dynamic where people are bored inside, often with expendable income, and looking for ways to make their indoor entertainment more exciting and higher quality. In fact, there is a rise in the demand for new housing to contain integrated audio and visual systems, creating a larger market for technology that fills that need.

Kordz has combined expert opinions and CEDIA industry research data published in 2020 to create a report that provides a summary of key trends and insights for the United States integrated residential technology industry. In fact, this information isn’t easily accessible anywhere else right now.

Highlights of the Kordz report include the expansion of immersive experiences to new media and technologies, extended reality and spatial computing, and brain computer interfaces. It covers invisible design, the vital role of standards to lasso cowboy behavior, and the new AV industry standards on the horizon for 2022 and beyond. Kordz also discusses the commercial impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, how AV professionals can contribute to a better industry, and how we can all contribute to a new era of abundance and innovation in an increasingly uncertain world.

According to the paper’s contributor and technology futurist, Rich Green of Rich Green Ink, “The next two years could be wild, uncertain, and potentially very dangerous for business and the human race. Or they could be really good! Both are likely, so we need to prepare for abundance and calamity at the same time.”

Market experts Walt Zerbe (CEDIA’s senior director of technology & standards) and Eric Bodley (former CEDIA chairman and Lifetime Achievement award-winner 2017 and managing director of distributor Future Ready Solutions) were also involved in this behemoth project.

In the new Kordz whitepaper, you will gain access to knowledge that will assist your team in the decision-making process to minimize risk and more successfully navigate the future of the audio-visual industry.

To download your copy of the white paper, visit or head to the Future Ready Solutions booth #3343 at CEDIA Expo from September 1-3 and snap the QR code to download. You will also be entered into the drawing to win one of three CEDIA Expo daily prize packs from Kordz valued at over $250.

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