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Control4 Reveals New Pakedge Price Points

Control4 has revealed new pricing on the Pakedge network essentials lineup of switches, routers, and wireless access points.

Control4 has revealed new pricing on the Pakedge network essentials lineup of switches, routers, and wireless access points.

The new price points for the products are aimed at allowing Control4 and Pakedge dealers to deliver high quality, high performance networks into more homes.

“Our dealers see the value of Pakedge and the need for dependable, high performance networking solutions for the connected home,” said Brad Hintze, director of product marketing, Control4. “We recognize that staying competitive on price is vital to our dealers’ businesses. With a discount on many of Pakedge’s most popular networking products necessary to any install, dealers can bring the best-in-class, premium products into more homes.” 

The Pakedge lineup expands from these essentials in the E family, to additional value and features of the K family and top-end performance of the X family of products.

New pricing has gone into affect for the following products:

The Pakedge RE-1 Media Router, now available for MSRP $420 USD, aims to bring the power and flexibility of enterprise networking to basic networks at an affordable price. The Pakedge RE-1 bundles a simple, user-friendly interface with the performance and features required by today’s demanding network appliances. Designed for basic residential and commercial networks reliant on media streaming, the RE-1 is ideal for whole-network media sharing. 

The Pakedge RE-2 Router, available for MSRP $550 USD, is a four port multi-media router offering the same benefits of the RE-1 plus additional performance benefits such as the Pakedge Zones to segment traffic into preconfigured VLANS and remote access.

The Pakedge SE8EP Switch, available for MSRP $120 USD, is an eight-port PoE switch that combines plug-and-play ports with gigabit switching performance, reliability, and sleek aesthetics. The SE8EP switch is a staple in smaller networks that don’t require advanced traffic management features, such as traffic segmentation, priority, or Pakedge Zones. SE-Series switches can also be used as an “edge” device downstream of a managed switch. This allows the managed switch to segment traffic while the unmanaged switch provides extra plug-and-play ports directly at the point of use. 

The Pakedge SE26 switch, available for MSRP $340 USD, is an enterprise-class gigabit ethernet switch and an easy-to-use network switch. The SE26 is an unmanaged plug-and-play switch that enables easy installation. It includes 24 10/100/1000 Mbps gigabit ethernet ports, as well as two SFP (small form-factor pluggable) mini-GBIC fiber ports, making it well suited for larger installations and where long-distance fiber optic cable runs are needed for connecting guest houses or additional buildings on a property that are away from the main home installation.

The Pakedge S28FE switch, available for MSRP $250 USD, is an unmanaged, 28-port plug-and-play switch, providing easy and quick installations to dealers. The S28FE provides four fiber ports with simultaneous gigabit ethernet and fiber optic port connectivity and is ideal for large installations that require long ethernet cables.

Pakedge wireless access points provide high-range, enterprise-level wireless communication between all devices within a network and include: W7 802.11n dual-band indoor wireless access point (WAP) for MSRP $500 USD; WK-1 802.11ac 2×2 dual-band indoor WAP for MSRP $600 USD; and the WK-2 802.11ac 3×3 dual-band indoor WAP for MSRP $700 USD.