Crestron Pyng Now Features Native Support for Sonos and Alexa

Latest Version Looks To Make Integration Even Easier for Crestron Technology Professionals (CTPs)
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A new Crestron Pyng software update (Version 1.010.0038) is intended to elevate the user experience to a higher level while making integration even easier for Crestron Technology Professionals (CTPs) through native support for Sonos and Amazon Alex. 

Integrating Sonos with Crestron Pyng as a multi-room audio source is now effortless, according to Crestron. CTPs can simply pair Crestron Pyng with Sonos Connects, and you can immediately select and control Sonos favorites with Crestron touchscreens, including the new TSW-560P 5-inch portrait model. 

Now, CTPs can integrate Amazon Alexa software with home systems without any programming. All that is required is to follow simple configuration steps. Once connected, Alexa automatically recognizes rooms and scene names from Crestron Pyng for immediate voice control, such as “Alexa, tell Crestron it’s too hot in the kitchen.” 

CTPs can now pre-configure customer rooms, lighting loads, and modules off-site and then retrieve them from the cloud on site. No more double work is required for planning and documenting systems for electricians and then having to recreate that entire process in the Crestron Pyng app while on-site. Now, you can document and configure remotely in just one step.

Clients can now easily create their own scenes and schedules for lighting and shades through user interfaces other than Crestron Pyng, such as mobile projects and touch screens generated by the residential version of Crestron Studio software.

Combining the all-new residential version of Crestron Studio software with Crestron Pyng enables CTPs to configure custom AV controls for Crestron touchscreens, handheld remotes, and keypads with a whole new level of efficiency. There’s no programming required, so a technician can use Crestron Studio to set up AV controls and deploy them instantly with Crestron Pyng.