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DPL Labs Offers Installer’s Guide to HDMI Over Category Cable

Ormond Beach, FL — DPL Laboratories Inc. (DPL Labs), one the industry’s top digital technology testing laboratories, has published an all-new white paper based on its research involving HDMI over Category cable extenders. Titled “HDMI Over Category Cable: The Solution? Or Part of the Problem?” the paper provides answers to many of the key questions such as if, when, and how to use an HDMI over a Category cable solution.

As many installers and integrators seek to address their longer run HDMI installation needs, HDMI over Category cable often appears to be the answer. In fact, these solutions can work, DPL found, but only if certain installation issues are properly addressed. Written by DPL Labs president, Jeffrey Boccaccio, this installer’s guide is jam-packed with a wealth of valuable information that will help ensure a trouble-free HDMI over Category cable installation.

Key topics addressed in this white paper include:

  • The HDMI Interface – Four Key Areas of Focus
  • Using Category Cable as an HDMI Transport
  • Other HDMI Over Category Cable Issues
  • Suggested Installation Dos and Don’ts

DPL Labs, the creator of the Digital Performance Level Certification Program, is uniquely qualified to address the many complex issues surrounding the proper application of solutions involving the HDMI interface and technology. Their support team deals daily with technical issues surrounding the application of HDMI in real-world installations. It is from this experience most of the data for this white paper was derived.

“HDMI Over Category Cable: The Solution? Or Part of the Problem” is available for free to all installers and integrators who sign-up to join the DPL Labs email list. Anyone interested in signing up to receive this white paper can simply follow this link or visit DPL Labs website at