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ELAN Releases Software Update

The new version of VIA!TOOLS features two-way integration for home subsystems.

Lexington, KY–ELAN Home Systems has released its latest version of VIA!TOOLS, its setup software for multi-room home systems. This version of the tried, true and familiar software that ELAN dealers have been using for years to setup VIA! touch panels now features the most requested two-way lighting and security control for five of ELANs VIA! Integration Partner products, along with two-way serial drivers for all of sister Company Sunfires AV receivers and preamps. The announcement was made by Bob Farinelli, ELANs president and chief technology officer and president of Sunfire.

With this release, VIA!TOOLS makes it possible for VIA! Touch Panels to control and now receive must-have status information from Lutrons RadioRA system via the Chronos system bridge and timeclock, GE Securitys NetworX NX-8, Ademco/Honeywell Securitys Vista Series, DSC Securitys PowerSeries and Elks M1 Security Panels as well as all of sister Company Sunfires AV receivers and preamps.

Easy to use text and graphics displayed on ELAN VIA! Panels throughout the home provide homeowners with immediate feedback from these popular lighting control and security systems. Homeowners can check on the on/off status of lights house-wide, as well as control the lights in any room that is part of the Lutron RadioRA system. For security systems, VIA!TOOLS now enables VIA! touch panels to emulate the security keypad of each system, allowing the user to arm, disarm, and receive real time alarm status feedback from the system.

“This new two-way control set comes as a direct result of being among our Dealers most frequently requested feature adds and through working closely with our long-standing VIP partners for development. The software release provides our dealers and their clients with simple to view feedback from anywhere in the house, and, as with all ELAN product offerings and technologies, it suits the needs of a broad range of customers, stated Farinelli.

This version of VIA!TOOLS also includes two-way drivers that allow ELAN VIA! Panels to serially control and receive RS-232 feedback from all Sunfire AV receivers and preamplifiers. This latest collaboration between ELAN and Sunfire is part of an ongoing effort to create synergy and, wherever appropriate and possible, offer seamless integration capabilities between the two sister companies products.