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ELAN-Control Aids in Minimalist Design of Lake Havasu Home

After a bad experience with a control system, these homeowners were looking for virtually invisible audio only—with “no finicky whole-home control system included.” That is, until integrator Sound Bank Electronics presented them with the ELAN Entertainment & Control System.

When Terry and Shelly were building their modern mountainside home made entirely of concrete, glass, and steel in Lake Havasu, AZ, they were reluctant to incorporate any technology that could be a dysfunctional eyesore. After a bad experience with a control system in a former residence, they were looking for virtually invisible audio only—with “no finicky whole-home control system included.” That is, until local technology integrator Dennis Englert of Sound Bank Electronics got involved and presented the homeowners with the ELAN Entertainment & Control System.

“I explained that ELAN could be integrated seamlessly with the design to complement the home’s minimalist and contemporary features. Plus, ELAN is so much more reliable than the system they had previously used,” Englert said. “In addition to audio, ELAN would allow them to control the lights, security, video, and motorized shade systems.”

After Terry and Shelly agreed, Englert delivered on his promise to integrate a reliable and nearly invisible AV system into the residence. Englert installed an ELAN Controller to serve as the home’s central control hub, with two ELAN Multi-Room Audio Controllers to build the extensive multiroom audio system that they were looking for. Englert collaborated with the home’s builders to ensure that the five ELAN touchpanels and two ELAN remotes complemented each room’s design, as per the client’s request.

“I worked with the cabinet builder to design custom-made recessed wall boxes to house each of the five ELAN touchpanels,” Englert said. “We operated with extreme precision to cater to the client’s design needs. We centered all the touchpanels with the lighting controls equally in each of the rooms, and installed them with screw-less plates. Each touchpanel had to look like it belonged there, and we were definitely able to pull it off.”

Terry and Shelly were eager to hear music playing throughout the home, without physically seeing the speakers. Englert and his team installed a 12-zone multiroom audio system, with targeted architectural speakers to produce clear and crisp sound, despite the home’s echoing steel, concrete, and glass architecture. Englert’s newly designed audio system includes 20 SpeakerCraft in-ceiling speakers and one Sunfire SDS-12 Subwoofer installed throughout the residence’s bedrooms, bathrooms, television room, office, craft room, outdoor upper and lower patios, game room, and garage.

“I absolutely love having instant control of the multiroom audio system,” homeowner Shelly commented. “We did not have to cut holes in the walls, or place clunky speakers everywhere. The entire system operates invisibly, quickly, and efficiently. It almost seems too good to be true!”

Englert also integrated Somfy Electronic-Powered Shades into the ELAN system to keep the glass home cool and private. “When you walk into the front door and look 50 feet across the living space, you are looking straight out into the city and lake, like there are no boundaries between you,” Englert said. “We integrated 12 Somfy shades into the ELAN system so that Terry and Shelly could block out the sun, and keep the home private if they’d like. The shades are automated, and can be controlled at the touch of the button through the ELAN app.”

Englert also utilized Panamax power management to keep the system reliable. He installed the BlueBOLT-enabled Panamax SM3-PRO and M4315Pro in the equipment rack to keep an eye on the home’s power, and troubleshoot remotely if needed. He also installed three Panamax MB850’s and a Panamax MB1500 to provide a power backup supply in the case of a blackout. 

“Power management and protection solves a lot of problems before they occur,” Englert said. “I use it every time I install an AV system. The notion that all of the technology would be protected also helped to ease Terry and Shelly’s minds about the performance of the system.”

Although the system had successfully turned Terry and Shelly into lovers of home control, the integration of the system’s wiring within the steel and concrete building proved to be extremely difficult. “Wiring and space was a significant challenge,” Englert said. “It was nearly impossible to run the wires, given the open floor plan and concrete and steel. We could not cut many holes in the walls, so we had to be extremely cautious of where the wires were placed. We managed to consolidate all the technology into one main rack in a small closet. It was a huge feat to overcome!”

Shelly now has no hesitation when it comes to home control. “We are so thrilled with the system,” she said. “Dennis Englert and the Sound Bank Electronics have been phenomenal to work with, and they really showed us what home control could do. We would recommend an ELAN system to any homeowner looking for easy control.