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Elite Screens Offers High-Gain Starbright Screen

Cerritos, CA — Elite Screens Inc., the company that specializes in affordable high quality projector screens, is introducing its StarBright series of ultra high 7-gain materials is now available as a fixed frame screen in a wide array of sizes with retractable electric models coming soon as well. Using an advanced High Contrast Filter surface coating, StarBright absorbs ambient light while boosting black level contrast with enhanced color reproduction.

“Ambient light is the mortal enemy of front projection screens. It creates a washed out image when the curtains are open or when the lights are on,” said David Rodgers, marketing manager, Elite Screens Inc. “Our StarBright material has a reflectivity that is remarkably bright. It also absorbs ambient light so effectively that even lower-lumen projectors can create a fantastic image in either a dark or well-lit room.”

Starbright7, is 7-gain or seven times brighter than the typical matte white (1.0 gain Magnesium Carbonate control) materials. It utilizes its multiple-layered design to concentrate the reflected light into a bright image with succeeding layers that diffuse the intensity to control hot-spotting and eliminate the wash-out effect by filtering out ambient light for a clear picture. The Starbright7 material is designed for versatile use in its premium grade fixed frame screens and electric mechanized screens such as the Kestrel, CineTension2 and Home2 series.

Starting at $1,089, Elite Screen’s StarBright material is currently available in its Fixed Frame, HOME2, VMAX Plus3 and Kestral series of screens, in standard sizes 76 to 125 inches in 16:9 format. Custom sizes are also available. Each screen comes with a two-year limited warranty.