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FIBARO Tests Z-Wave Smart Home Control from the Top of Mount Everest

Veteran climber will brave Mt. Everest to turn on lights, operate locks, and open garage doors to prove the reliability of Z-Wave devices from anywhere.

FIBARO, a leading European manufacturer of wireless, intelligent home automation systems, and the Z-Wave Alliance have launched the FIBARO Mount Everest Challenge, powered by Z-Wave. In their partnership, the companies call it the “boldest and most remote demonstration of today’s smart home technology.”

Mountain climber Mariusz Malkowski, a 40 year-old technical services manager at Sigma Designs and a member of the 300-member Z-Wave Alliance.
Mountain climber Mariusz Malkowski, a 40 year-old technical services manager at Sigma Designs and a member of the 300-member Z-Wave Alliance, aims to prove that “Home is Wherever You Are.” Malkowski will confront extreme conditions as he ascends to the top of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain at over 29,000 feet above sea-level. In a live demonstration, he will control FIBARO sensors and other Z-Wave powered devices located half a world away. The demonstration will take place between May 16 and May 30, depending on climbing conditions.

In September 2013, Malkowski took home control to new heights when he remotely controlled home automation devices from the top of Cho Oyu, the sixth-highest mountain in the world. This year Malkowski will be going even further and higher—and likely in far harsher conditions—to demonstrate the interoperability of devices from different brands and the dependability of Z-Wave Technology, as well as highlighting the overall benefits of home control.

Coinciding with this announcement is the launch of a new FIBARO Mount Everest Challenge Facebook page and a new website. Visitors to these interactive and informative pages will be invited to “help Mariusz prepare his home and backpack for the trip.” An application on these pages will allow users to do things like: lock the doors in Mariusz’s home, turn off the electricity, shut off the lights, and shut off the water.

Malkowski has climbed world-class mountains on four continents, many of them by himself. For the FIBARO Challenge, Malkowski will be climbing Mount Everest alone, with no porters and no supplemental oxygen during the expedition. He is scheduled to begin his ascent on April 3 or 4 and will conclude around the end of May. A video about his challenging journey can be viewed here.

An initial live connection from the Everest Base Camp is planned for April 16 at the Z-Wave Pavilion at ISC West in Las Vegas. As conditions allow, attendees will be able to watch Malkowski control several smart home devices, including FIBARO sensors, Vivint security system, Kwikset electronic locks, Yaleelectronic locks, GoControl garage door controller, and a FortrezZ smart water valve, which will alllocated on the show floor using only his smartphone.

The FIBARO Mt. Everest Challenge is sponsored by the Z-Wave Alliance,Vivint, Kwikset, Yale/ASSA ABLOY, Nortek Security & Control, Sigma Designs, FortrezZ, and