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Google Nest Back Working with Brilliant

After a year and a half outage, Google’s controversial API decision has come to an end for Brilliant smart home control system.

Nearly two years ago, Google turned off Nest’s API’s. Since then, Brilliant users with Nest devices who had their account set up prior to the merge on August 31, 2019, were the only users able to control their Nest devices via Brilliant. Now, Brilliant users will be able to control their Google Nest thermostats via the Brilliant Control or Brilliant mobile app. This move signals a major step forward for the smart home community, and users can expect to see Google Cam and Hello integrations with Brilliant coming soon.

This reversal signals a shift for Google in that they are now allowing third parties to integrate with Nest products once again. When Google closed Nest’s APIs in 2019 left many smart home users, including about 50 percent of Brilliant users, without access to their Nest products.

With this integration, Brilliant users gain control of their home’s climate using touch, voice (via Alexa), and Scenes. Plus, with the Brilliant mobile app, users will be able to control their home’s climate from anywhere.

For information on how to integrate Nest into a Brilliant system:

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