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HAI Adds Connectivity Partners

Home Automation Inc. (HAI) says that its integration with iON Security wireless transmitters is now complete, and a Connectivity Partnership has been formed. The company also has announced a Connectivity Partnership with Luxul Wireless, manufacturer of Pro-WAV high performance wireless connectivity solutions for whole home wireless network coverage. HAI’s Connectivity Partnerships now include more than 40 manufacturers.

iON is known for its ability to design and manufacture concealed wireless transmitters for the residential and commercial markets. The Plunger is marketed as the world’s smallest wireless door security sensor at only one inch deep by 0.75-inch wide. The Micra is the world’s smallest wireless window security sensor at less than a half-inch deep by 0.75-inch wide. Both of these products have an average battery life of five-plus years and integrate with HAI’s GE 64 Zone Wireless Receiver (42A00-2).

“These easy-to-install products from iON add to HAI’s growing list of Connectivity Partnerships,” explained HAI director of technical services, Scott Dudoussat. “The additional options for dealers and homeowners furthers HAI’s solution-based approach.”

Pro-WAV are designed to efficiently extend the coverage area and improve overall network performance in large homes, enabling a single access point to provide complete “whole home” 802.11 Wi-Fi coverage.

“The Connectivity Partnership between Luxul Wireless and HAI helps deliver significant advantages in terms of the range and connectivity of mobile devices on a wireless network,” Dudoussat added. “With Pro-WAV, a single access point can now provide seamless wireless coverage in situations that previously required three or four access points.”

Using Luxul’s high-performance Pro-WAV solutions, HAI dealers and integrators can now extend the wireless network by up to 400 percent, while maintaining high data rates. This allows for the delivery of whole-home Wi-Fi coverage using a single wireless access point (WAP) in installations where traditionally an average of three or more WAPs has been required. A single WAP can provide network access for the entire home, garage, outbuildings, and even the yard, without adding more access points.

Extending the reach of a single access point enables HAI home automation wireless network devices to roam through the entire home. Luxul’s Pro-WAV can be used with HAI’s OmniTouch 10p Portable Touchscreen, Philips Pronto remote controls, and other mobile devices running Snap-Link, Snap-Link Mobile, and WL3.

Luxul Wireless Pro-WAV products are engineered and packaged for ease-of-implementation and integration, making them virtually maintenance free. Pro-WAV solutions implement patented digital signal boosting technologies along with an advanced circular polarization signal technology called Clear-WAV.