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Hall Technologies to Move to Texas

Move is considered part of rebrand and evolution for the company.

Hall Technologies has announced that it is moving its headquarters to Dallas, TX, as of December 1. This move comes on the heels of Hall’s expansion over the last year to rebrand and reimagine the company.

Hall Technologies – Texas HQ
Hall Technologies’ new Texas HQ.

“Hall set an aggressive plan to rebrand and evolve the company,” says Hall Technologies, CEO, Jason Schwartz. “Part of that plan was moving our operations to Texas. Why Texas? Texas checked off all the boxes for us. One of the main reasons we selected Texas is because it’s a distribution hub. For our U.S. customers this means expedited shipping, and that our products will now be in our customers’ hands within two days. That helps our clients keep projects on track, on budget, and on time. Our headquarters will also house our Hall Experience Center. We will all be living in a HIVE-enabled environment where control is within reach and used throughout our office and the Experience Center for seamless collaboration. We can’t wait to host you in our new office and show you first-hand the power and simplicity of our HIVE ecosystem.”

“Our new office will be open and inviting, just like our company culture,” says Hal Truax, VP of sales and marketing for Hall Technologies. “We’ve been setting the building blocks for this over the past year with numerous key players being added to the team and the rebranding, as well as new technology being launched. We’ve built a rock-solid foundation for tremendous growth and opportunity. I’m excited to see our trajectory.

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