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JVC Reveals More About New D-ILA Projectors

Wayne, NJ — JVC has released additional technical information and revised specifications for four recently announced D-ILA home theater projectors to be available this fall.

Among the four new full high-definition front projectors are two THX Certified models that offer a native contrast ratio of 50,000:1, the industry’s highest. The other two models achieve native contrast ratios of 32,000:1 and 30,000:1.

Like current highly-acclaimed JVC projectors, all four new models achieve high contrast ratios without the use of an auto iris.

The new projectors are the DLA-HD750 and DLA-HD350, to be marketed by JVC’s consumer group, JVC Company of America, and the DLA-RS20 and DLA-RS10 from JVC’s professional group, JVC Professional Products Company. All four projectors were first announced earlier this month with lower contrast ratio specifications.

Contributing to the projectors’ superior native contrast ratio is a newly developed lens with a 16-step fixed aperture in the DLA-HD750 and DLA-RS20 that helps eliminate extraneous light that can reduce contrast levels and allows adjustment of brightness to suit user preferences. The DLA-HD350 and DLA-RS10 feature a three-step aperture. In addition, changing the structural design of the optical section from a conventional L-shape with a mirror to a straight configuration reduced light leakage. Combining this new structure with a highly efficient lamp allow s the new projectors to achieve a brightness of 900 (DLA-HD750/DLA-HD20) and 1,000 (DLA-HD350/DLA-RS10) lumens.

The DLA-HD750 and DLA-RS20 are both THX Certified to ensure accurate and exceptional picture quality in the home theater environment. A trusted cinema and consumer brand, THX certification provides JVC a means to further differentiate its projectors from competitive offerings and communicate a clear message about quality to customers.

Core technologies and many of the features that earned earlier JVC projectors accolades from reviewers and users alike are also incorporated into the new projectors. But improvements in several key areas allow all four new models to deliver brighter, more intense images. What’s more, JVC has engineered an all-new chassis that is both smaller and more cost-efficient to manufacture.

Critical carried over technologies include JVC’s proprietary 0.7-inch full HD D-ILA devices and the company’s wire-grid optical engine. These will once again deliver the industry’s highest native contrast ratio, meaning that there is no dynamic iris to artificially inflate contrast specifications. As a result, the projectors simultaneously deliver true blacks and extraordinary luminance detail thanks to native contrast ratios of 50,000:1 (DLA-HD750/DLA-RS20), 32,000:1(DLA-RS10) and 30,000:1 (DLA-HD350).

JVC-developed D-ILA technology employs three (RGB) devices for a naturally rich, flicker-free picture even when there is rapid movement in the image. In addition, the optical engine with wire grid polarizers ensures precise light polarization without light leakage for true black level reproduction. Together, the D-ILA devices and the engine guarantee a smooth picture with vivid colors and high contrast.