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Konftel Stresses Dynamic Design for All Conferencing Needs

Whether work from home or work from office, the conference system’s design attributes and sound quality are key.

With more professionals returning to offices over the coming months, Konftel is keen to stress the vital role of alluring aesthetics and crystal-clear audio wherever people are communicating — from huddle rooms and boardrooms to home working.

Konftel product manager Torbjörn Karlsson
Konftel product manager Torbjörn Karlsson

Konftel created the first conference phone in the 1980s and, while styles have changed, the power of form as well as functionality remain more compelling than ever, inspired by consumer driven technology trends, says Konftel product manager Torbjörn Karlsson.

“The look and style of a product is hugely important to its user. Great design is part of our DNA,” he says. “A demand for style and aesthetic appeal has its roots in the consumer market, but people want that experience in the workplace and at home as well too.

“Of course, the functionality and the quality is where any product starts but, for us, the design is not a second thought. The conception, the innovation, the manufacture: the process has a critical design imperative running right through it from beginning to end.

Konftel 70

Konftel’s latest innovation — the Konftel 70 speakerphone — was codenamed internally ‘Stingray’ by virtue of its sleek lines.

“Organizations are investing significantly in high-quality, high-design new office spaces to take account of the new post-pandemic hybrid model of increased remote working and video conferencing,” says Karlsson. “We believe it is hugely important for our products to look good in those crisp, contemporary new environments; to complement the space and help create a certain mood. Our products make a statement. They say this is an organization that values quality and sophistication. It helps send a message to employees that they are valued.

“Those with the best audio and video on a call stand out. Their contribution to the call is accentuated as a result of the way they sound. It’s the way we make the best impression nowadays. Of course, the sound and video quality is paramount, but significant added value is also derived from the equipment being beautiful.”

Touch, too, is part of the mix, as Karlsson concludes. “Our designers are encouraged to be free and to express themselves. They understand that their contribution to the success of any product is huge. In today’s evolving and demanding world, products have to look as good as they perform.”

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