Legrand Highlights IoT Lighting Solutions at CES

Latest Legrand Eliot Program Innovations Advance Connectivity, Intelligence In Built Environment
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At CES 2017, Legrand exhibited its latest IoT solutions, featuring products like the Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM) platform and Legrand RF lighting devices, which include the world’s first Thread-enabled IoT light switch and dimmer.

“The explosion of connected devices has changed the way we look at where we work, live, and play. There are new opportunities to make buildings and homes more energy efficient, safer, functional, and tailored to occupant needs,” said John Selldorff, chief executive officer of Legrand North and Central America. “With our global footprint and legacy of providing solutions that bring power, light, and data into spaces, this is exciting as we look to further accelerate and support a whole new wave of smart building applications.” 

Legrand’s CES presence highlighted several products under its Eliot (Electricity + IoT) program. Eliot is a global IoT program with the aim of bringing together Legrand's worldwide expertise to advance connectivity and intelligence in the built environment, mobilize Legrand’s capabilities around the world, speed development of Legrand connected devices, and amplify communications wherever the Internet of Things can enhance value for all users.

Eliot solutions like DLM demonstrated how buildings can now work just as hard as the people that occupy them with the digital transformation of lighting. DLM, a scalable digital lighting controls platform, is built on open standards including BACnet, which allows for easy integration with other building systems. Along with a suite of plug-together devices such as room controllers, occupancy sensors, daylighting sensors, and wall switches, DLM works together to automatically coordinate control of lighting and plug loads. In addition, user-friendly interfaces mitigate the inherent complexity of technology. 

In partnership with Samsung, Legrand showcased a dimmer from its Eliot program that incorporates Thread and IoTivity open-source software framework using the Samsung ARTIK Edge to Cloud. Demonstration of the radiant dimmer with Tru-Universal technology controlled by a Legrand application and Samsung Gear smartwatch highlighted the power of open technology and interoperability in connecting digital devices for home and commercial spaces. Thread is an open-network protocol aligned to the growing market preference for wireless devices moving to native IP networks for security and performance requirements.