MAI Partners with QNAP

N.A. Importer of Meridian Audio Products Now Offers QNAP Models
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MAI, the exclusive importer of Meridian Audio products for North America has formed a partnership with QNAP Systems, Inc. MAI is now offering popular QNAP models, providing dealers with direct access to preconfigured and installed drives for Meridian Sooloos systems. 

“QNAP has always been our preferred NAS brand, and when the opportunity for this new venture presented itself, this was an easy decision for MAI to make,” said Ken Forsythe, VP of MAI. “We are offering three key models based on dealer feedback, delivered with drives and the Meridian Sooloos Core Control App preconfigured and installed. This is another key component in our plan to best support our partners—saving them valuable installation time, by providing a one-stop shop for plug-and-play Meridian Sooloos systems.”

MAI will offer following QNAP models:

• Two-bay: Two 4TB drives with 4TB of storage, 4GB of RAM (MSRP: $1,200)

• Four-bay: Four 4TB drives with 12TB of storage, 4GB of RAM (MSRP: $1,800)

• Rack Mount Four-bay: Four 4TB drives with 12TB, 4GB of RAM (MSRP: $3,000)

“The average music aficionado has a collection of about 20,000 songs, many of which are high-resolution files,” said Hernan Lopez, QNAP’s Total Solutions Manager. “With this level of investment in terms of money and time spent building their collections, customers need to protect their investments. MAI and QNAP have partnered to bring customers an enriched environment of high-resolution audio and advanced storage technology—lossless audio with peace of mind.”

QNAP is designed to protect the customer’s investment in audio with its advanced hot-swappable RAID technology. If a hard disk fails, the QNAP NAS will allow the user to replace the faulty disk without compromising the user’s entire music collection.