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McIntosh Launches New Interactive Website

It is designed to be a rich information source about the company and its products.

Binghamton, NY–McIntosh Laboratory recently launched a newly designed website ( that presents a fresh and elegant new interface for online visitors. The highly interactive site is designed to welcome visitors with a rich information source about the company and its products, as well as foster a close sense of community among McIntoshs clientele. From the dramatically simple opening page, with the familiar blue McIntosh meter and corporate logo above the single word Legendary, through its easily navigable information pages, the site is both a unique resource and a reminder of McIntoshs history of excellence in premium home entertainment. The site is packed with innovative features designed to make it easy for customers to learn more about the company and its products. In addition, McIntosh dealers will be able to take advantage of a special password-protected section featuring a variety of instantly available downloads and documents geared toward helping them grow their McIntosh business.

The user-friendly new McIntosh site is designed to appeal to anyone interested in learning about McIntosh, allowing visitors to easily browse in-depth research about the companys historical roots, including a decade-by-decade timeline of achievements. In addition, users may access voluminous materials about the companys current lineup of high-performance products, including features, specifications, reviews, literature, user manuals and lifestyle benefits. A Frequently Asked Questions section offers insight into common queries about high-end home entertainment. In addition, a specialized Dealer section provides access to the latest information on McIntosh products, events, company information and more. This section also offers dealers various product related items such as downloads, images, sell sheets, and more.

Most notably, the new site provides a rich level of interactivity that allows visitors to communicate directly with McIntosh experts (Ask an Expert,) and even upload images and stories about their McIntosh home entertainment systems (McIntosh Showcase).

Noted McIntosh President, Charlie Randall: For more than 50 years, McIntosh has been renowned for the quality and craftsmanship of our high-end home entertainment products. With the debut of our new web site, were giving visitors, including both dedicated McIntosh fans and interested newcomers, the opportunity to really get an inside look at what McIntosh is all about and where were headed. In addition to providing insights as to how a McIntosh product can enhance the entertainment lifestyle, the site makes it easy for consumers to communicate directly with our engineers and designers, and with each other. Theres always been a sort of club atmosphere among truly dedicated audio and video aficionados. With the launch of this new site, were not only giving our discriminating consumers a new place to congregate online, but weve opened the door for many new converts as well.