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New White Paper from C2G on Building a Better Work-From-Home Space

Covers how integrators can solve the costly productivity problem arising from using aging workstations in hybrid work and education applications.

Work From Home White Paper Cover

C2G is providing AV integrators with a solution to the increasing problem created by aging workstations found in hybrid work and education environments in its latest white paper, “Building a Productive Desktop for Hybrid Work and Education.” Written by Legrand AV technology evangelist Joseph D. Cornwall, CTS-D, CTS-I, ISF-C, the white paper explains why now is the time to upgrade the way AV professionals think about and use desktop productivity solutions, diving into desktop needs analysis, DISCAS, color space, and more.

“Old desktop technology is a significant source of lost productivity that negatively impacts the bottom line,” says Cornwall. “It’s not practical to work eight hours a day using tools that weren’t designed for the task at hand. This white paper reveals the cost of this problem and explores ways AV integrators can use their expertise to design desktop solutions that will increase both productivity and worker satisfaction. It’s a win-win.”

Key information highlighted in the white paper includes:

  • The cost of ill-equipped desktops — up to 65 hours per user per year
  • Where AV integrators should start desktop projects
  • Desktop productivity design considerations, including the viewer-to-display relationship, and how it helps to determine the best monitor size, resolution, ergonomics, and more

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