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Research: New White Paper Analyzes Benefits for Zero Net Energy Homes

According to Parks Associates, 48 percent of U.S. internet households report altering their behaviors to consume less energy.

Parks Associates has released a new white paper, Building Net Zero Homes with Home Management Systems, that highlights changes in the energy landscape driving interest in Zero Net Energy (ZNE) homes and the role of smart tech in enhancing the integration and usage of these solutions. The research, released in partnership with Nice, addresses trends impacting consumers, builders, and integrators that are driving demand for ZNE solutions, with an overview of a recent ZNE project as part of the Build Show streaming service.

Parks Associates Building Net Zero Homes with Home Management Systems
Parks Associates: New White Paper Analyzes the Growing Demand and Benefits for Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Homes.

Current energy consumption in the U.S. includes approximately 130 million residential and commercial buildings, responsible for consuming 39 percent of the nation’s energy and a staggering 74 percent of the country’s electricity. Industry, government, and consumers are seeking ways to reduce energy. Parks Associates’ research indicates that 91 percent of internet households are actively engaged in reducing energy consumption within their homes. Forty-eight percent report altering their behaviors, while 43 percent report doing recent home renovations to reduce their energy consumption.

“Smart devices and automation solutions compliment energy efficient construction and solar/storage systems in the aim to get to Net-Zero energy consumption,” says Jennifer Kent, VP, research, Parks Associates. “Resident behavior is a big determining factor in achieving Net Zero, so technology that gives residents the data to monitor their usage and the controls to adjust, coordinate, or automate the appliances and systems in their homes is critical.”

Parks Associates’ white paper outlines the components and processes involved in the construction of ZNE homes. It analyzes the role of smart and automated solutions in enabling ZNE functions and benefits and lists the benefits and implications of ZNE for builders, integrators, energy providers, and consumers.

“One of the core values of Nice is to go ‘Beyond Green’ and give back more to the environment than we take,” says Mark Owen Burson, chief marketing officer at Nice North America. “Nice Home Management solutions enable us to share this value with our consumers. Our intelligent, energy management capabilities not only empower homeowners to monitor and reduce energy consumption but also provide them with personalized insights to optimize their living spaces. Imagine a home that helps you save on energy bills and adapts to your lifestyle preferences, creating a more comfortable and sustainable living environment. We believe in offering our consumers the unique experience of enjoying their spaces while actively contributing to a greener future.”

The white paper is now available for download.