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Niveus Adds Blu-ray

Customer demand and format war influences Niveus to add support for Blu-ray Disc playback and to cease production of HD DVD-based servers.

Milpitas, CA–Niveus Media, the leading manufacturer of high-end digital entertainment solutions for the connected home, is one of the latest companies to throw its support to Blu-ray Disc. The high-def disc playback capability now will be available on Niveus Media Servers. Additionally, Niveus’ new production of HD DVD-based servers will be phased out in the next 30 days.

Incorporating Blu-ray into our offering has always part of the plan but the demand from our customers, market trends, and recent announcements expedited our decision to come to market with Blu-ray support sooner rather than later, stated Tim Cutting, CEO and co-founder, Niveus Media. While we have stood behind HD DVD as a viable high-definition platform, Niveus engineers have been running Blu-ray in our testing facilities and are very impressed with the performance and integration with our servers.

Blu-ray is available now on Niveus Medias 2008 line of Windows Vista Ultimate-based Media Servers including the Summit Series Sierra, Rainier, and Denali Editions, and Pro Series models. Customers who have been shipped an HD DVD-based Niveus Media Server within the past 90 days are eligible for upgrade to a free Blu-ray drive (other fees may apply). Further details, upgrade plans, and pricing will be available to Niveus Authorized Dealers next week.