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Niveus Improves Speed with ZONE PRO

Niveus Media has launched its “ZONE PRO” media player, which features a three-times speed increase over its original ZONE.

Faster speed equals faster applications, snappier movie library navigation, and quicker media playback, according to the company. In addition to faster performance, the new ZONE PRO also has been designed with improved reliability by incorporating a solid state hard drive, the latest in storage technology.

The Niveus ZONE family of products features the Niveus Movie Library movie management software, and other proprietary Niveus features. ZONEs deliver upscaled DVD and native 1080p Blu-ray movies to any room of the house. The bundled music and photo library features are intended to transform a high-definition television into a high-resolution photo and slideshow viewer set to the soundtrack of favorite music. ZONEs are also digital cable compatible, allowing customers to add a third-party television tuner for additional digital video recorder functionality. New for this fall, ZONEs will also support sharing of HD cable content amongst other ZONEs on the home network.

The ZONE family of products use the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processing, and provide interconnects, such as HDMI 1.3 and eSATA, for additional storage. From a design aspect, ZONEs feature a brushed aluminum chassis that is accented by a front-facing, slot-load Blu-ray/DVD drive. Additionally, the ZONE’s compact form factor (6x6x2 inches) allows for placement practically anywhere in and around the home. The ZONE products have been designed to deliver on power, without compromising your utility bill, consuming less than 50 Watts of power at full load

Starting at $1,499 per ZONE, and $1,999 for ZONE PRO, customers can also take advantage of a free Niveus Windows 7 Upgrade program later this fall. The ZONE PRO represents Niveus Media’s most recent addition to its award winning line of media solutions.